4th July 2010

“Although I have not thought about my childhood experiences for many years, I recently attended a service where the sermon was very much along the lines of 'you are rotten to the core, believe or go to Hell'. I was shocked by the depth of buried feelings that this aroused in me. It brought back vividly the terror I felt as a child and I realised the lasting damage I have suffered.”


41 Responses to “4th July 2010”

  1. DUG853 Says:

    Once I stopped believing in any god/s, I’ve been more aware of the terrible harm that ‘religion/s’ are capable of perpetrating on the masses.

    Mainly it’s the ‘stunting’ effect of dogma that haunts me the most.

  2. solomon Says:

    Theres lot of evidence leading to truth of Gods existence. You all just chooses to sway away from it. Indeed youre all are the condemn lots.

  3. solomon Says:

    Only condemn fools would buy that stupid idea…Nature runs everything

  4. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    No Sol, not just nature, but common sense, logic and EVIDENCE.

  5. solomon Says:

    Grumpy Old Git,
    You can dump your senseless sense down the drain. Its you who allways defies logic or evidence.

  6. Edmond Says:

    Evidence, Solomon? What evidence? Please list some, I’d love to hear it.

  7. solomon Says:

    Clean water from the sky which pours to this day without failure for example..Don’t mention its process. God outline its downpour processes.

  8. PEB Says:

    Clean water without failure? Sol, try googling “Africa + Drought + Muslim”.
    Allah isn’t too keen on sending clean water to these loyal islamic worshippers very often.
    Another example please?

  9. Ryedo Says:

    Solomon, rain water is not clean – it is full of impurities.

  10. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    And even if it was clean, it is sent by the laws of physics. Where does ‘god’ come into it? This is not evidence of god. Perhaps, Sol, you have a different definition of ‘evidence’ than the rest of us. Can I suggest you look it up in a good dictionary.

  11. Braathwaat Says:

    Solomon, you keep speaking of “evidence”? Other than the koran or bible what evidence do you speak of? Islam is nothing more than a dangerous political-military ideology with religious trappings masquerading as a religion.

  12. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    I have just completed some careful research and discovered the absolute proof that rain is sent to us by the rain fairy. It says so in a book so it must be true.

  13. Braathwaat Says:

    Grumpy, the rain fairy was plagiarized from Chac, the ancient Maya god of rain and lightning.

  14. John Says:

    Hay, sollie, on 3Jul, you called Nature… bullshit!

  15. John Says:

    It is official or per solomon that bullshit runs everything… woopi!!!

  16. DUG853 Says:

    There’s just as much “evidence” for any god/s existence as there is for the ‘toaster-fairies’ that brown my bread every morning. IMO (IE: NO credible evidence.)

  17. solomon Says:

    Don’t mention minor flaws in the composition of rain water la…you silly Atheists. Youre just out of argument.

  18. solomon Says:

    Hey.. Grumpy Old Git,
    Did’nt I warned before don’t mention the rain ater downpour process. Are you damn stubborn or what?

  19. solomon Says:

    Sorry…ater should be water..

  20. solomon Says:

    I’ve just mention a single proof of God’s evidence and the Atheists are gettin shaky and could’nt give a sound argument. They are just silly & stupid fools.

  21. PEB Says:

    The average rainfall in the UK is 1219.8mm a year. In Egypt it’s 51.2. If Allah does exist then he likes secular Britain 24 times more than he likes Islamic Egypt.

  22. Edmond Says:

    Solomon, the existence of water is just proof of the water. We can see the universe around us, but what does that say about this character “Allah”? I don’t see his signature across Antarctica. Every religion says THEIR god created the rain. Where’s the evidence that YOU’RE right about YOUR god?

  23. Jeremy Says:

    What you presented was an assertion not a (formal) argument.
    Please present an argument that can be debated and we can work from there.

  24. solomon Says:


    I’am not arguing where or when God wishes to pour the rainfall. I’am citing the evidence & truth from the Qoran you silly scum trying to run away from the point of the argument.

  25. solomon Says:


    Work regarding the rain first. This single argument you cannot cope, you try to jump to other more complicated arguments which I will put forth.
    Wha…ka ..ka..ka…The Atheists is sillier than I thought which they claim they possess the brains…

  26. solomon Says:

    The Atheists…they will sure be burned in HELL!

  27. PEB Says:

    The bit in the Quran sol could be referring to is:
    “It is Allah Who sends the winds which stir up clouds which He spreads about the sky however He wills. He forms them into dark clumps and you see the rain come pouring out from the middle of them. When He makes it fall on those of His servants He wills, they rejoice. (Qur’an, 30:48)”
    Er, so rain falls from dark clouds. Genius.

  28. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Hail the great god ‘Dark Cloud’. All this time wasted worshipping the sun! Silly me!

  29. Grumpy Old Git Says:

    Would love to stay with this exciting thread but I have to sign out now and go to the pub for a pint of medicine (Guinness) which comes from heaven (brewery in Dublin) an is served by angels (barmaids). See y’all later.

  30. Atheist MC Says:

    When He makes it fall on those of His servants He wills, they rejoice.

    Not when the BBQ has just been lit they don’t. Qu’ran FAIL!

  31. solomon Says:

    It is Allah Who sends the Winds, and they raise the Clouds: then does He spread them in the sky as He wills, and break them into fragments, until thou seest rain-drops issue from the midst thereof: then when He has made them reach such of his servants as He wills behold, they do rejoice!- (30:48)

    What is your argument here Peb?

  32. John Says:

    I just enjoyed a nice big rare T-bone steak from the fiery pit of me Barbie and a cold gigantic Fosters. Heavenly and I didn’t have to give the preacher a bloody dime today to tell me how bad I was or that I was burning in hell for me sins. All I had to do was read old miserable sollie’s posts to be assured that I am truly free and that I feel GREAT! I think I hear Aiza asking if I need anther beer, see ya!! Oh yea sollie; Aiza says she loves to wear her bikini and is glad to be rid of that burqa! She’s converted, now!!!

  33. GodKilla Says:

    Billshit runs everything…love it!

  34. solomon Says:

    Enjoy the best you can John, for later you will be chased to HELL forever!

  35. John Says:


  36. John Says:

    See ya there, buddy…

  37. solomon Says:

    I’am not in your group…sorry…

  38. DUG853 Says:


    Imaginary threats, from imaginary deities, to imaginary places (hell) really don’t hold much sway with atheists/realists.

  39. solomon Says:

    Wait till you see HELL!

  40. Mike G Says:

    Sol, the more you capitalize hell, the sillier it sounds really. I like to imagine that instead of HELL you say NEW JERSEY, because it is much more entertaining.

    Moving on, I think most atheists that were brought up in a religious environment do have long lasting impressions of guilt instilled by their religious institutions, myself included. I recall going to a commemoration mass and all I heard was the priest railling on about how we were equated to scum. I can understand how powerful that is to those who truly believe their lives are best spent grovelling.

    I know that my GF, who is an ex-Muslim, has these same re occurances, flashbacks if you will, of guilt ridden times. By the way Sollie, she likes to scream “Oh, Allah” for the fun of it. DOn’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, you sexually repressed tool-bag.

  41. solomon Says:

    Above is a very clear example of someone who is out of argument.