27th July 2010

“The only 'New Atheists' are the children that are born every day, before they are indoctrinated into whatever religion their family/society happens to practice.”


25 Responses to “27th July 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Nice point. I guess that makes me a re-atheist.

  2. robb Says:

    uh-oh sol………….!!!!

    gosh……..if this quote’s TRUE………you started out as an atheist !!!!


  3. solomon Says:

    WRONG…you ignorant fools,

    Babies are born clean, like a white cloth. Its their SINS and ARROGANCE that colored them BAD and into ungrateful Atheists.

  4. tech Says:

    Babies are born clean? Like a white cloth? We are all born with original sin.The sin of Adam.

  5. solomon Says:

    OPE…THAT WAS A CONFUSED STATEMENT…If we are born with sins, theres no point of doing good. This statement have the hidden meaning that human are originally sinners & this is not true. It can inject the belief that commit sin is OK. This belief is manipulated by the Christian scholars whispered by SATAN. Prophet Mohammad have no sins at all.

  6. solomon Says:

    Sorry…OPE should be NOPE…

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    Yep. We are all born again atheists. Not just B.A.T 🙂
    I do wonder though, if we started from scratch as it were, how quickly we would re-invent belief in the supernatural. Without modern knowledge of neurology and psychology we could still misinterpret dreams and altered states as voices from another world. Mohammed for exampled probably suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy which is why he believed he was having visitations from Gabriel, but to do that he already had to have a mythology in his past that included the supernatural.

  8. trying Says:


    you try so hard to push your beliefs….but you obviously get so emotional
    that your answers become somewhat dis-jointed.

    why dont you take a few moments to explain what a person might gain, or
    hope to gain, from following your ideals…………..

    i think it would be enlightening……………. thank you

  9. robb Says:

    to “trying”

    that’s a great idea !!!!! c’mon sol……….lay out the TRUTH for us !!!!!

  10. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    AMC – I would quess that if we were indeed starting from scratch we’d still create religions to soothe our fears of the natural world. But if we were starting out from our relatively sophisticated present understandings? Well, even with what we know there are still people that blame earthquakes on god’s wrath. Superstition is either endemic to the species or we simply haven’t gotten good enough at education to stamp it out. We evolved to detect agency as a survival strategy so I’d guess this also leaves us open to at least a strong predisposition toward supernatural explanations. The increasing presence of atheists gives me hope that even this can be overcome with a proper education.

  11. meryt Says:

    Or maybe not. You might find this link interesting.


  12. solomon Says:


    A case of the blind teaching the blind. The product would be double blindness.

  13. solomon Says:


    What I’am trying to do is to deliver truth, the real truth that most of you don’t realize. Hell is real. I don’t want anyone to go there. Its really hot in there & its real. It could be our brothers, sisters, mothers, friends or relatives who would have to enter it. Its only for the love of human that I strive hard to show the right path, like our prophet who always worry about the fate of humans. I may sound harsh but it came from the bottom of my heart to ensure that everyone its safe although its not in my control.

  14. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Meryt – that was great! There’s a like to an 8 minute audio which was very inspiring.

  15. robb Says:

    ladies and gentlemen………….please, PLEASE hold your applause !!!!

    turns out that all that moronic crap that SOL puts out is NOT because he’s a whacked-out delusional religion freak………….but because he “loves human” ( ! ) and wants to keep us ALL from the fires of HELL !!!!

    WHAT A GREAT GUY !!!!!!


  16. TRYING Says:


    i just saw the last demeaning message left by “robb.” do not let these simple minded scoffers bother you ! i believe you have a solid message to share with others, and i also think your message comes from an honest heart.
    keep up the fine work, and do not be swayed. you are on the RIGHT path.

  17. Braathwaat Says:

    Every day all over the planet people are shedding their superstitious beliefs & becoming “new atheists”.

  18. Atheist MC Says:

    I don’t want anyone to go there. Its really hot in there & its real. It could be our brothers, sisters, mothers, friends or relatives who would have to enter it.

    So, if one of your children was an apostate and therefore went to hell, how would you feel in in your heaven watching them suffer?

  19. John Says:

    The odds are stacked very high in my favor that there is absolutely no chance that there is some kind of a hell and that I will be burnt in it; and, after I’m dead… who gives a shit… cause I’m dead! I’ll take those odds anywhere here on the Strip. Why would anyone with half a mind or even a halfwit would desire to live out their life in some old, outdated and tired, nonsensical, superstitious, man made up sadistic boogie-man scam? Please…

  20. robb Says:

    yay for john !!!!!!!

  21. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC,

    If its one of my children in there, I could do nothing about it anymore. I’ve warned him before, again & again like what I did to you all, but he chooses to join your lots. Theres nothing else that could be done.

  22. solomon Says:


    I’am warning you , its real. Why do you think I’am still stuck up with this truth, where else I could brush away it all and enjoy life without guidance. Because its real and I fear of Allah Almighty.

  23. solomon Says:

    I’am glad that there are still traces of individual who posses true hearts and alway on the search for absolute reality while most of them just did’nt like truth to lie on their misguided path.
    All that is thought in the Qoran, if you study it carefully, will find no room to run away from. Everything is real & clear as if you can see God without God appear in front of you. But a lot of people just brush aside those thoughts and even make a mockery out of it without looking on the possibility of the truth in it.

  24. Godkilla Says:

    Sol, I am actually starting to feel sorry for you.

    ‘Why do you think I’am still stuck up with this truth, where else I could brush away it all and enjoy life without guidance. Because its real and I fear of Allah Almighty.’

    You have been brainwashed so effectively and completely that you are prepared to waste your life living in fear of eternal punishment for manufactured crimes from a non existant fairy.

    You have my sincere sympathy for a wasted life.

  25. Godkilla Says:

    fellow QOTD bloggers please note that whilst i engaged the lunatic one i STILL STAYED ON TOPIC!