22nd August 2010

“In many European places where Catholicism remained all-powerful until say, 1960, the church is losing whatever remains of its grip on society at an accelerating pace. The drop in active adherence to, and knowledge of, Christianity is a long-running and gentle trend; but the hollowing out of church structures – parishes, monasteries, schools, universities, charities – is more dramatic.”
The Economist

4 Responses to “22nd August 2010”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    Good. ‘Bout time. I hope the backlash against Islam is next.

  2. Wat Duino Says:

    Page back to Aug 20 for the reference you were looking for…

  3. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, Wat Duino.

  4. captainzero1969 Says:

    I don’t have statistics but my recollection is that while the catholic church is shrinking in western societies (and thank god for that!) it’s growing in the third world where people have not had access to good education. Churches have always preyed on the poor and uneducated. I wonder if any readers in the U.K. would care to comment on the resurgence of “faith schools” there that seem to have found an ally with political leaders.