30th August 2010

“Drawing a cartoon is not an act of aggression. Trying to kill somebody with an axe is.”

Johann Hari

10 Responses to “30th August 2010”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    I can’t argue with that. Nor do I want to.

  2. nomolos Says:

    “Trying to kill somebody with an axe is.”
    Yeah I agree….but it will only be committed by murderers not religious. Anyone can draw cartoons but don’t misuse it to propagate hate.

  3. The Heretic Says:

    Now if we could get that idea across to one quarter of the world’s population……

  4. tech Says:

    If one could draw a pic of what I see when the word atheist is mentioned, I wonder would they be able to discount it as an act of aggression?

  5. captainzero1969 Says:

    Then, apparently, there are the ones that WISH that a drawing was an act of aggression. So, Tech, I’ll bite. What do you see when the word atheist is mentioned? Unicorns and rainbows?

  6. Dan Says:

    solomon, would you quit trolling already…

  7. GreatEighthSin Says:

    Nom, anyone can pick up an axe and murder someone. Including the religious. In fact, the religious dominate the prison systems world wide.

    Tech, go ahead. I wouldn’t give a rats ass. Sticks and stones.

  8. tech Says:

    I never said I had a picture nor would I draw one.But I,m sure it would get someone upset if I did.

  9. nomolos Says:

    My words are doctrines…When some picked an axe and murdered someone, then he have not become religious anymore until he repents. So my statments that says murders are not done by religious still stands.

  10. Dan Says:

    Really? What makes you say that. I mean sure you might draw something in bad taste (doubtful), but offensive? Seriously, it’s a drawing. *Sheesh*