23rd September 2010

“Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”


9 Responses to “23rd September 2010”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Praying: mistakenly believing you are doing something helpful.

  2. GrumpyOldGit Says:

    I agree. I could never understand how asking a non existent entity to do something could ever be productive in any sense.

  3. Ernie Says:

    One thing I’ve heard that made sense to me is how could one expect to sway the mind of an omnipotant being who already knew what was going to happen in the first place. Doesn’t that actually mean that he did not know what was going to happen? Wouldn’t that go against his will? Tricky to think about.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    Absolutely right, Ernie. Prayer should not have any effect on an omniscient, omnipotent entity.

  5. tech Says:

    Whats the problem guys? You can’t pick any sense out of a lot of things pertaining to God. To understand him is to be equal to Him. Regardless of how think you not equal to Him.You’re just bitter over they way your living and you want to believe that God doesn’t exist.

  6. CaptainZero Says:

    Correction, Tech. We’d love for someone to provide a reason to believe. I mean, we’re not stupid man! If we had a reason to believe, we all would. But the burden of proof doesn’t belong to us. If belongs on the side of the superstitious beliefs. But all we ever get are moldy books of questionable providence filled with as much horror as they are enlightenment.

    Well I’m sorry but that just does not constitute proof to a mature thinking person. We will not be swayed by pathetic emotional appeals. We will not cower before appeals to invisible and immaterial authorities. We will not give any weight to threats of a mythical hell.

  7. teddy Says:

    prayer??? prayer??? oh, i dont think so. now, where’s my
    rabbit’s foot ?????

  8. GreatEighthSin Says:

    Prayer works as well to heal others as singing to plants helps make them grow faster.

  9. Bearman Says:

    Unfortunately that is not the case.
    Scientific testing has shown that plants genuinely do benefit from music. There was even a Mythbusters episode showing it 😀

    Whereas scientific studies have shown that there were no differences between groups of people who were prayed for and people that weren’t.
    Interestingly, a group of people that were prayed for and knew about it either showed no signs of unusual improvements or got worse 😮