23rd October 2010

“Morality is not the monopoly of any faith: an atheist can be more ethical than a religious person. At the end of the day, what matters is that humans behave with consideration and decency, and avoid imposing their beliefs on others.”

Irfan Husain

10 Responses to “23rd October 2010”

  1. teddy...... Says:

    tell that to Osama’s pals while they’re smashing your ass into a

    building at 500 mph.

  2. PUFF Says:

    well, that’s a nice thought, and it would be swell if people WOULD
    behave nicely to each other…………..BUT……………..it’s
    NEVER going to happen.
    and the religious people are , too often, ticking time bombs…..
    just itching to carry out “the wrath of god “….and take care of those
    pesky non-believers !!!!!!

    UH-OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tech Says:

    I agree with the quote and I think the its possible.Maybe not everyone of the worlds population but at least in my own community.Its something we can all strive for. Oh and I don’t consider non believers to be pesky.Everyone is entitled to heir own beliefs. All the best to a better world.Have a good day. Tech

  4. GreatEighthSin Says:

    That’s fine and all, but if you’re not imposing your faith onto others, then you’re going against your religion. Almost every religion has the same idea, “spread it, and spread it fast no matter the cost”.

    I don’t find that atheist can always be more moral than Christians, but I do find that atheist can have a better standing on ethic law than Christians. Take gay rights for example. Morally, you can be one way or the other simply on emotion, but ethically, someone who is gay is not doing damage to society at all, and this has been continually proven through history.

  5. Kaptain Says:

    Hi-jacking morality is common among all religions. It’s their main claim to justify their existence. They forget mankind lived many thousands of years before someone made up their bullshit.
    Theism is on borrowed time and we will drag them screaming and clawing into a secular world despite themselves. We didn’t need Christianity before it existed and we don’t need it now.
    People do have a right to believe what they want. We don’t have to respect that belief however.

  6. Anon Says:

    kaptain….are’nt you kind of contrdicting yourself—or at best,
    speaking at cross purposes ?????

  7. tech Says:

    That’s it kaptain ,get it off you chest, and try to calm down a little before you have a heart attack.Personally , nobody and I mean nobody is going to drag me anywhere and certainly not kicking and screaming.That sounds like something you would do.Take it easy man life is great, stop and smell the roses once in a while. Why do you feel so threatened anyway?

  8. Kaptain Says:

    Tech@ touch a nerve, did I?

  9. robb Says:


    re-read your statement. it’s silly and self- contradictory.

    tech is right.

  10. Kaptain Says:

    @ robb, Your right robb, sometimes I get so angry I tend to rant and ramble. The thing is, it seems so clear to me that all these religions are just made up and it frustrates me that there are people like Tech, who is obviously intelligent, but can’t see. Sorry guy’s