6th January 2008

“Religions are the great fairy tales of conscience.”

George Santayana1863 – 1952

3 Responses to “6th January 2008”

  1. Joy Says:

    Do our consciences actually need a fairy tale that big to justify ignoring them? I mean, these “fairy tales” actually come with castles and princes who do not always rule benevolently. The crusades, witch hunts, madrassas, holy wars all came to fruition with the help of these fairy tale princes. I would call Religion the NIGHTMARE COME TRUE, rather than a fairy tale of conscience. I certainly would not call conscience a fairy tale; nor is religion necessary for conscience to work as it should. WITHOUT the fairy tales of religion to bolster violent ideals, our consciences might actually work quite a bit better.

  2. Thunder Says:

    * I certainly would not call conscience a fairy tale *

    Conscience is a process of self-evaluation by comparison. Its usefulness necessitates a properly formed baseline standard with which to compare. We call such baselines mentors or body of law or role model or morals or ethics. I would call conscience integral to some personas and ficticious in others.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Religions are fairy-like fictions. Once created (usually by men, the makers of male gods), they are promulgated by priests (usually men who promote and sustain patriarchies) and succeed because they nourish easily-satisfied cerebral needs for most people (fearful when indoctrinated) in providing personal comfort and solace.” Terence Meaden.

    “Our gods are born within us as
    Projections of the mind,
    They sleep deep in sub-consciousness,
    Arch guardians of Mankind.

    Lie dormant till we need them for
    Protection, help or care,
    Then instinct cries to conscious mind
    To rouse them with a prayer

    With pleas for their assistance
    To save from harm or pain,
    With promise, if they’ll intervene
    We’ll never doubt again.

    The easiest prayers are hymns we sing,
    Poetic roundelays,
    Since seeking no response ensures
    No trust can be betrayed.

    All gods reflect the temperaments
    Of those they oversee,
    They’re vengeful, helpful, punishing,
    Forgiving or carefree.

    The ancient Greeks had inklings of
    This lineage from Man’s mind,
    Imputing virtues, strengths and faults
    Which they with gods entwined.

    Thus codes and laws ascribed to gods
    Evince a human plan,
    Since though they’re worshipped, praised, revered,
    They were begat by Man.”
    ————————————- Paul Rattenbury. The Lineage. 2005