3rd December 2010

“The Jews are a frightened people. Nineteen centuries of Christian love have broken their nerves.”

Israel Zangwill1864 – 1926

4 Responses to “3rd December 2010”

  1. GreatEighthSin Says:

    And Hitler loved his Christ so much, that he spread His word to the Jews.

  2. Doubting Thomas Says:

    It would seem that the Israelis – judged by their treatment of other people – did learn something from Hitler and try to justify it as OK if it ” protects” Zionism. Lets not forget these maniacs as well as Muslim fundimentalists and our own Christian Stormtroopers.

  3. tech Says:

    Hitler’s only love was for power. He may have been Catholic but did practice his religion. Then again being religious doesn’t mean you’re a Christian either.

  4. Dan Says:

    I think that this is surely an example of a quote that needs a bit more context. As it is shown here, I find myself a little disappointed at having to guess as to whether he’s criticizing Christians, Jews, or both.

    Also, I note that Zangwill lived and died before the Nazi party came to power, so comments about Hitler here are probably more of a footnote to the quote as opposed to the point of it.