4th December 2010

“According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, the number of the global non-religious rose from a few million in 1900 to a billion in 2000. No religion has grown with such rapidity.”

Gregory Paul

8 Responses to “4th December 2010”

  1. Kaptain Says:

    This quote doesn’t surprise anyone in this room, does it? The truth has a bad habit of standing on it’s own and no amount of bullshit can bring it down. Just saying. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

  2. CaptainZero Says:

    Since non-belief is the default state, wouldn’t it be better to say “ordinarily, mass sociogenic illness subsides with much more rapidity than has been observed with religion but it is now following a decline more typical to its pathology.”

  3. Kaptain Says:

    Oh! Would somebody tell Tech where the space bar is.

  4. tech Says:

    What holiday is that kaptain? Is there a pagan holiday coming up soon?Oh the space bar must be in your Kaptain.

  5. Dan Says:

    Yes, there’s a pagan holiday coming up: variously referred to as Festivus, Solstice, or (jokingly) Cephalopodmas, and then there’s the preChristian tradition of putting up a tree, decorating it, and exchanging gifts that I celebrate.

    Oh, and we get days off of work, which are commonly referred to in English as something called “Holidays.” So, Happy Holidays – relax and enjoy the time with your family.

  6. tech Says:

    I’m sorry Dan was I directing a comment to you?Happy holidays to you too.

  7. reetBob Says:

    Am I missing something? What prompted the space-bar comment?

  8. Dan Says:

    You asked a stupid question in public comments, and thought only kaptain might respond?