13th December 2010

“We are considered the European museum of Catholicism, but let me tell you we are no longer. The relationship between faith and state is changing; it is changing dramatically in Poland – twenty years of freedom and religion is evaporating.”

Szymon Holownia

5 Responses to “13th December 2010”

  1. Chris Says:


  2. archaeopteryx Says:


  3. Chris Says:

    Even better I’ve just read that Pope Benedict was hoping that Poland, as a new EU member, would be a tool for pushing Catholicism into European politics. Looks like he’ll need a Plan B!

  4. Doubting Thomas Says:

    Perhaps Benny will get St Tony Blair ( after he has solved the Middle East crisis) to sort out the collapse of belief across Europe starting with Ireland. I suppose the Vatican can just about afford Teflon Tony’s fees

  5. Greateighthsin Says:

    @Chris But the pope is deathly afraid of Plan B *snicker snicker*