28th December 2010

“If a woman-respecting, non-violent, cool-headed Muslim says that he is a good person despite Islam, he would essentially be saying that Islam is irrelevant to his existence. A believer would never say that. He will chalk up his successes to his faith. He will insist that his faith galvanised every good thing in his life. If and when members of his faith engage in something detestable, he will say that 'those extremists' got the faith wrong. This is why average Muslims insist that 'Islam means peace' even though these days Islam has been linked to some pretty major instances of violence.”

Ali Eteraz

4 Responses to “28th December 2010”

  1. Kapt Says:

    I’d say Islam is going to be a last religion standing. Those Muslims all seem to be fanatics to me. What do you guys think?

  2. reetBob Says:

    A Muslim told me that Islam is linked to the word ‘peace’ in Arabic, but it most emphatically means ‘submission’, submission to God’s will. The purpose of the religion is to align your behaviour with the infallible will of Allah. If one wants to see a the heart of a true Muslim, read the words of Allah’s prophet in the Koran.

  3. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I loathe and detest extremist Muslims. We all know that they would soon be caught if it not for the tacit or secretive support of the ” moderate Muslims ” who are currently out breeding in percentage terms the peoples of Europe.
    BUT They are not the only problem witchcraft we have to watch for. Please do not take our eyes off the Christian,Jewish and other extremists as well.

  4. j sutton Says:

    This is what used to be called “being in denial”.