16th January 2011

“Militant Christians bomb abortion clinics. Militant Muslims fly planes into skyscrapers. Militant Atheists write strongly worded comment pieces? So let's stop this 'militant' nonsense shall we?”


13 Responses to “16th January 2011”

  1. Kaptain Says:

    Militant Atheist? What’s that?

  2. CaptainZero Says:

    To believers in imaginary beings, hypersensitive as they are to the barest suggestion of criticism and being of genteel dispositions, the New Atheism, that is, one that no longer has to cower under threat of a violent death, our insistence on intellectual honesty and rejection of unsupported assertion must seem militant indeed. As Anon points out, the fact that we ask questions that theists CANNOT provide satisfactory answers to highlights the weakness of THEIR theology. It does NOT make us militant.

  3. Edmond Says:

    Both captains are correct. Demanding LIVES is militant. Demanding ANSWERS is not.

  4. A God fearing tech Says:

    Who do you guys think you are to demand anything of anyone.If you don’t believe,then don’t.I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone.The Bible mentions of your kind,its your thoughts you deal with it. Just because atheist says “both captains are correct “doesn’t make you right.

  5. Dan Says:

    Trolling Tech,
    And who do you think YOU are to demand anything of anyone then?

    And yes, both captains are correct. Nice quote today, but it’s a shame it’s anonymous.

  6. A God fearing tech Says:

    Yes ,what a pity. There you have it guys a second one to say you’re both right.Well that confirms it.What little Bird told you that Dan?

  7. Dan Says:

    Trolling Tech,
    You have no problem me pointing out that you’re a hypocrite? Interesting. Why, then, DO you criticize us for things that you yourself do?

    And why do you disagree and think that we’re militant? Have “Militant Atheists” bombed or murdered anyone??

  8. CaptainZero Says:

    Tech – who are we to ask questions? Well, I care nothing whatsoever what you and your brethren think. But the problem is that you people act on your beliefs and those actions impact me. Like the ridiculous assertion “America is a Christian nation” and trying to get your theology taught in public schools and the tax advantages your churches receive at cross purposes with the public good. My right to question your beliefs stems from the fact that your beliefs have an impact in the real world and not just in your minds.

  9. CaptainZero Says:

    P.S. – the Church used to be quite demanding when conducting actual persecution of Jews, Muslims, Atheists and anyone else unfortunate enough to live in Christian lands but not professing the right brand of faith. Who were they to demand anything of anyone? They were the Church, with lethal power and the immorality to use it.

  10. Longtime Lurker Says:

    Tech.. people like you really make me question our humanity’s future.

    Religious people shape the legal framework of our society (in other words telling us what we can and can not do). Unlike atheists, you’re worldview is shaped by texts from a collection of old books with logical and historical holes the size of…. you get the point. So really, who are the religious people to tell everyone else what they can and can not do?

    When was the last time you saw a virulently anti-black atheist? When was the last time we blew up anything? In my county there is a non-profit organization whos only purpose is to pursue legal action against businesses and organizations that discriminate based on race, religion, and sexual orientation. The chairman is an extremely anti-gay (and Christian) local politician. Where did his hate come from? I don’t think it came from the atheists.

    Religious nuts always want to claim they don’t have an influence on anybody. Religious people don’t vote? You don’t own businesses and seats in the Gov? You guys are like bully bitching and moaning about how hard he has it…

  11. Longtime Lurker Says:

    Sorry I’m being unclear… what I meant is: you are the majority (unfortunately), so stop bitching that you don’t influence anything….

  12. Kaptain Says:

    Tech, if you thought more about what we are saying and less about fighting a lost cause, you too could break the chains of superstition. We aren’t the ones serving up the poison cool aid.
    You’re right, you don’t have to prove anything to us. However, You do need to prove it to yourself and what about your children? What are you going to tell them when these questions come up. Will you stand proud and give them the truth or will you fall back on this tired 2000 year old theology designed to keep the Jews in line. You’ve watched Jerry Springer haven’t you? That’s us now, just think how screwed up people were back then.

  13. reetBob Says:

    Tech, you never answer a direct question, why is that?

    You come across like a small child with your fingers in your ears saying “LAH LAH LAH LAH”, occasionally breaking off to snipe at what you perceive to be a weak point. I can’t decide whether you do this because you like to cause irritation or because its your way of engaging with the argument. I suggest you find a better way to engage or everyone here will start to ignore you.