17th January 2011

“Since we are often told that god is ineffable and that it is impossible to know his mind it is quite astonishing the number of people that then proceed to tell you exactly what he thinks.”


12 Responses to “17th January 2011”

  1. Greateighthsin Says:

    Yup! This was a problem that I encountered when I started actively debating theists. It’s that double-edged sword of hypocrisy that they don’t even realize they’re spewing.

  2. Kaptain Says:

    How could they not know? It seems so simple to us. I’m surprised to see you still debating theist G8sin. I gave up, it’s like trying to explain Quantum Physics to a child.

  3. CaptainZero Says:

    I often thought about this point before I made the leap into atheism: A nematode is to a human as a human is to God. Clearly if there were a god possessed of the usual traits assigned her by theists it would be utterly hopeless for us to know anything of her desires for us. Indeed, nematodes are not even aware of our existence so why should we expect to know if a god exists, much less what she wants?

    But she made here will known in holy books, say the theists. Well, if that was the best a divine could come up with (shellfish is unclean, really?) then I think we can safely disregard moldy tomes written by relative savages.

    Anybody that claims to you that they have special knowledge passed to them from on high can be only one of two things: Liar or charlatan.

  4. thom delahunt Says:

    i think there is a hubris that comes with faith in any superstition. we will project ourselves on to god and call it an attribute of god. there is no god. just us. writ large.

  5. A God fearing tech Says:

    I’ve been called a lot of things on this site from a troll to a child.The only thing I can think of at the moment is this: This site with all its ignorance turns everything I say to suit their own cause.You don’t believe the way I do.I have told you many times I’m not religious, you don’t believe me,you have tarred me with the same brush as a terrorist.I believe in the teachings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I am His follower.As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

  6. Dan Says:

    “I have told you many times I’m not religious”
    “I believe in the teachings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


  7. reetBob Says:

    Tech, I apologize if I insulted you unfairly. What do you think about the quote?

  8. reetBob Says:

    Tech, I apologize if I insulted you unfairly. I probably seem very annoying myself.

    I’m genuinely interested in your take the quotes. I know you believe in Jesus, do you believe its possible or impossible to know the mind of your god. How would I learn what he wants?

  9. Wat Duino Says:

    I have noticed that Tech tries to personalize everything in these discussions. And it appears he has succeeded… about 80% of the comments of the past two days are directed toward him.

    Tech, Do you truly have an opinion to offer? Or do you simply want attention? Perhaps you can respond calmly and intelligently to reetBob.

  10. archaeopteryx Says:

    I think it (not he) is very effable, actually. Or would be, if it existed.

  11. Longtime Lurker Says:


    You left out the third alternative: Mentally ill

  12. CaptainZero Says: