23rd January 2011

“I have yet to find an argument for banning choice on abortion, especially in the early months, on anything other than religious belief. The arguments have no clear scientific data behind them, and there is still no general consensus pointing to the moment when life as a human being begins. It's a matter of what people believe and what their religion says.”

Barbara Muehlhausen

5 Responses to “23rd January 2011”

  1. Greateighthsin Says:

    It’s not even a matter of what their religion says. I used to be strongly anti-abortion when I was younger. I tagged along to one of the rallies in front of a Planned Parenthood. All they did was parade some woman who regretted her choice for an hour (which seemed like a total act), then had a few… ummm… speakers (all they did was scream) on the stage that spouted off a bunch of stuff. I was lucky enough to be taking notes on what they said, but when I followed through on those notes, not a damn thing that they said was correct. I then researched everything else that I was told before that and found out it was all just propagated information.

    They don’t need religion, but they do operate like the religious. They are disgusting people that can’t get over the fact that a baby may need to die at some point in their life so that a mother can live. They are no different than these “9/11 truth” conspirators, and are considerably more dangerous since they supply only lies based on what they FEEL is truth, rather than what they KNOW is truth.

  2. Doubting Thomas Says:

    I suppose that controlling our bodies,actions,freedom and rights are only a natural extension of theist mind control – HOW DARE you humans take decisions on if and when you breed when the theists need you to breed poverty – the happy hunting ground for their recruiting sargents.

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  4. Tracy Ahlers Says:

    My argument for the theists:
    If god works in mysterious ways, is omnipotent and collects all souls according to his plan, who’s to say that an abortion ISN’T the way he wanted to collect those particular souls in the first place?

  5. GreatEighthSin Says:

    Lol, Tracy. Ya, I usually give something along the lines of “they’re perfect souls that have never touched sin that God obviously wanted. Who are you to stop His ways?”