22nd January 2008

“For 35 years we [in America] have known how to limit abortions through access to birth control, comprehensive reproductive education, universal health care and subsidized child care (policies adopted in most of western Europe where the abortion rate is one-half to one-third of ours). The so-called 'right to life' movement has vehemently fought these policies.”

Richard Bailey

6 Responses to “22nd January 2008”

  1. Critic Says:

    The religious do not care how much suffering and pain they inflict in the attainment of their goal of control of others. All that matters is that they enforce their beliefs on society by any means possible. Often the religious are evil in intent and action. This QOTD is a prime example of the corrupt nature of the religious mind.

  2. critic Says:

    More kids = more poverty. Poor tend to be less educated and are therefore better adherents.

    Yes. More poverty and misery along with less education makes the promise of an eternal life of bliss seem like a worthy goal for the faithful. If your life on earth is miserable why not look to heaven via the religion in power. I’m sure the religious leaders know this and use it to their advantage. Look at the true national strongholds of religion: undeveloped countries.

    Of course the US could be included there, but I was speaking of economic developemnt and not mental development ;{>}

    As for the subjugation of women, religions limiting access to abortion and birth control are prime examples. Men controling what women do with their bodies. It’s trite, but, “If you’re against abortion, don’t have one and leave everybody else the fuck alone.”

    BTW, here’s why todays topic is appropriate: it’s the 35 anniversary of Roe v. Wade.


  3. Chris Says:

    Isn’t it fascinating. The same people that want to “get government off our backs” don’t seem to have any problem allowing the government into our bedrooms. As long as it’s the state that’s the peeping tom, not the feds.

  4. Thunder Says:

    * I don’t know how else to explain their behavior. *

    It wouldn`t dawn on you that they explain their behavior would it? You atheist are so STUPID! They believe these kids are kids! You`re STUPID! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID…..

  5. Critic Says:


    Wow! Who could argue with such an intelligent statement as this? Such intellectual vigor! There must be a great mind behind such a well constructed argument. I stand in awe!

  6. Thunder Says:

    * Wow! Who could argue with such an intelligent statement as this? *

    Stop pretending that isn`t in your language. Pejoritives are atheits weapon of choice.