10th March 2011

“I base my judgments according to reason, logic, and evidence but I can't decide if that makes me more human or less. Have we evolved into a species that takes advantage of these things or are we evolving away from one that does not? Most people would tend to believe the former but our entire past seems to suggest the latter.”

Aaron Allison

3 Responses to “10th March 2011”

  1. Jezebel Says:

    Where’s the merit in sticking to one’s beliefs when there’s hard evidence to the contrary? Why does that make us less human?

    When society was less educated, the church told people what to believe – things like ‘God created the world in 6 days’. However, as a much more informed society, with an acute understanding of the countless scientific discoveries made over time, such as evolution, it would be just plain stupid to hold onto the original belief and not act on the evidence.

    Doesn’t it make us less human if we don’t use our intelligence? What’s human about being fed information without question? Even a machine can do that.

    Unfortunately, though, in spite of the tremendous advances in science, there’s been an increase in all things ‘woo woo’ as people search for meaning in their lives. The scientific community is often viewed with great suspicion, as long-held (and almost mandatory!!) scepticism about the government feeds into various conspiracy theories. However, isn’t this a bit of a cop-out from thinking for oneself? Here in Australia there’s been a lot of hype about vaccinations causing Autism in children, for example. Nevertheless, in spite of hard evidence exposing the research as fraudulent, many seemingly intelligent parents still refuse to vaccinate their children, thus exposing the community to all manner of preventable illnesses.

    Could there be a conspiracy to dumb-down our society???

  2. Dan Says:

    If we’re a species that uses “reason, logic, and evidence,” we do so only with the greatest of difficulty and against our natural inclinations.

  3. reetBob Says:

    These abilities are mental “tools” which provided a survival advantage for long periods of our evolution. Magical thinking and irrational faith are two similar tools.

    Evolution implies change and it seems ridiculous to worry about whether our evolution is making us more or less human.