20th March 2011

“Next time you hear atheists called offensive, mocking, provocative, hateful troublemakers, remember this: We get called that for playing 'Jingle Bells' in a marching band. We get called these things simply for being open about who we are.”

Greta Christina

2 Responses to “20th March 2011”

  1. RJ Says:

    statements like this are SO tiresome. it’s whining, plain and simple….like a 5 yr old saying,”everybody picks on ME !!!”

    if you’re solid in your belief and feelings, why waste time speculating on the opinions of others??????????? they can say whatever they wish….but, WHO CARES ???

    actually, atheists are pretty light-weight whiners !! the all time champs are WICCANS !!!
    BOY !!! can they ever wring out the crying towel !!

    have a decent day, folks .

  2. Jack Says:

    why do black people complain sometimes about there heritage?

    Wiccans have a right to complain (since there heritage has been killed off from time to time by other religion).