25th January 2008

“Muslims have created large enclaves in urban centers; halal food in schools, hospitals, and prisons, faith schools funded by the state; prayer rooms in every police station in London. Instead of assimilating into the larger culture, Muslims have created a parallel society in the UK.”

Carol Sarler

8 Responses to “25th January 2008”

  1. Chris Says:

    I pray (yeah, I know) that Europe sees the danger. The fundies want to do the same stuff here. France, I’m sorry to say, will be the first to fall.

  2. Mr. Janson Says:

    you are screwed UK but the evil ugly americans will be there for you when it goes down.

  3. Critic Says:

    Agreed Chris.

    Tolerance, while generally a good trait to maintain civil society, should only be given to fundamentalists who will tolerate the norms of civil society. When they start trying to inflict their particular brand of stupidity onto society, we have to push back.

    Great examples of this are: Muslims trying to get a statue of Muhammad removed from the Supreme Court Building, Huckabee and the dominionists trying to change the constitution, anti-abortion fanatics limiting access to abortion clinics through intimidation, the promotion of “intelligent design” in science classes, and any and all attempts to get society to give their brand of religion (aka idiocy) special dispensation.

  4. Terence Meaden Says:

    Ruth Dudley Edwards, journalist: “Islamism is a totalitarian threat that could destroy our civilization within a few decades with the help of the West-loathing Left, the wimpish Right, the political and diplomatic wishful thinkers, the massed ranks of risk-averse politically correct bien-pensants and the cowards who want to avoid confrontation at all costs—not to speak of the innumerable peaceable British Muslims who allow bullies and bigots to represent them in the media and who buy into the comfort blanket of victimhood.” Daily Telegraph. 3 February 2007.

    Ruth Dudley Edwards: “This is not the West against Islam . . . we are not dealing with a clash of civilizations: it is the civilized world against the barbarians. And the enemy is Islam.” Daily Telegraph. 3 February 2007.

  5. Terence Meaden Says:

    This will help emphasise what we are up against. This is being taught in a London school !!

    “There are ten types of filth and impurities: urine, faeces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs, pigs, disbelievers” (Text being taught at The Hawza Ilmiyya Islamic School, Willesden, London. The Times, London). NSS Newsline, 21 April 2006.

  6. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Militant Islam is the totalitarianism of the 21st century. It has shut down the life of the mind in its own countries and is seeking to do the same to ours. Unless we are prepared to succumb to a new Dark Age, the west has no alternative but to confront militant Islam in its various secular and religious forms.” Duncan Fallowell, The Guardian. February 2004

    Ruth Dudley Edwards: “As they infiltrate universities, prisons, politics, the media and the public service, the army of self-confident Islamists watch us crumble when accused of Islamophobia and believe we no longer have the stomach for a fight. But there are a few signs of hope. . . . I see many clear-eyed young people, some of them Muslim, at the events who scrutinize Islamism . . . When politicians finally admit that the barbarians are within the gates, those of us who have known that for a long time can at last breathe somewhat easier. It may be close to midnight, but . . .” Daily Telegraph. 3 February 2007

  7. Critic Says:

    “There are ten types of filth and impurities: urine, faeces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs, pigs, disbelievers”

    Ah, religion and science being harmoniously taught to young minds. How wonderful it is to see the religious scientific mind at work. I’m sure they also have an excellent course in demon possession.

    That is some scary shit Terrance. Knowing how religions and the religious love dark ages, it is not alarmist rhetoric but a true wake-up call. Anyone who tells you that the religious are not dangerous is either a lying religionist or an idiot.

    The thing that is so annoying is the the semi-intelligent religious people (the one’s who really don’t believe the ancient texts that their religion is based on) are the enablers of the fundamental extremist and they don’t seem to care.

  8. Chris Says:

    Perhaps we could combine all ten types of filth into an aerosol “Mullah Repellent”. It IS scary shit. Wake up call? I’ll never sleep again!