4th April 2011

“Secular humanists argue that it is better to base decisions about moral principles on reasoned arguments rather than on appeals to perceived authorities or accepted dogma or particular interpretations of the word of God. Texts such as the Bible are not primarily concerned with moral teachings anyway. The most important message of the Bible, judging from the number of words devoted to it, is that it is vitally important to believe in the correct God.”

James Richmond

4 Responses to “4th April 2011”

  1. Atheist MC Says:

    Even people who do claim the bible is a moral compass are very selective about which bits they follow and which bits they ignore.

  2. Dan Says:

    Put another way, the Bible and the Qur-an are compasses that point in all directions, moral and immoral. Worse, most believers appear to have not even bothered to look at the compass before asserting which direction(s) it’s pointing.

  3. R J Says:

    ……….Atheist MC and Dan………….

    excellent comments !!

    the bible is SO awful that it’s a wonder that it gets looked at AT ALL.

    the sermon on the mount, and a little of ecclesiastes contain a few useful thoughts…………but these thoughts have, for the
    most part been ignored , or at best , glossed over.

    i also find it painful when people give the bible a healthy
    THUMP ( ! ) and proclaim that it contains ALL the answers
    to ( successful ) moral living. OH, PLEASE !

    R J

  4. CaptainZero Says:

    Also worth pointing out, again, that there wasn’t anything in Jesus’ teachings that wasn’t around far before him. For the son of God, pretty unimpressive and unoriginal.

    But the rock was moved! And the body gone! Uh…