21st April 2011

“In 1882, the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, prophet of the post-Christian world, proclaimed that God was dead. Nietzsche imagined a madman running into the marketplace, looking frantically for God. When the amused bystanders asked where he thought God had gone – had he taken a vacation, perhaps, or emigrated? – the madman glowered at them. 'Where has God gone?' he demanded. 'We have killed him, you and I. We are his murderers!' As a result, humanity had lost its basic orientation. 'Do we not stray,' the madman asked in despair, 'as though through an infinite nothingness?'”

Karen Armstrong

One Response to “21st April 2011”

  1. Anyse Says:

    I get so angry at this kind of manipulation of Nietzsche! What Zarathustra said, after HE woke up dead one day, while running amok through town was: “God is dead. God is dead in the human heart!” This is the prelude to the rest. So, it is NOT God who is dead: it is the spirit of God in man. Karen Armstong takes great liberties with rephrasing or quoting out of context in order to achieve a higher sense of pupose and this, to be honest, is so intellectually dishonest! Any one else with an idea on this one?