14th July 2011

“Apparently child molesters are of a higher moral standing in the Catholic church than people who would treat an adult woman's life as something other than disposable.”


11 Responses to “14th July 2011”

  1. RJ Says:

    what does this quote mean????????????????

  2. CaptainZero Says:

    Yeah, need some context here…


    So, yeah. Since priests generally don’t get excommunicated for child rape but this nun did for allowing women, whose lives would otherwise be in danger, to terminate their pregnancies, you’d be correct in saying child fuckers are worthier than the defenders of women’s lives in the eyes of the catholic church.

    That is really bassackward. These people want to teach US morality? Spare us, please.

  3. solomon Says:

    Gays are worst!!
    Who cares anyway. Atheists or Christians both are bound for !!HELL!!

  4. R J Says:

    thank you capt. Zero. that makes it much clearer.

    the catholic church always makes me think of the old folk tale

    ” the emporer’s new clothes. ”

    what a sad, screwed up mess.

  5. Spoken Says:

    Every time you speak It confirms why I will never follow any religion!
    U R…………Bat Shit Crazy

  6. CaptainZero Says:

    Who cares, Sol? People who practice real morality, that’s who. It’s only the religious that can see something despicable and say ‘who cares’ or ‘they had it coming’ or ‘they’re all going to hell’. People that think like this retard the growth of our civilization with their disgusting beliefs, puerile death cults, repugnant bigotry and insane rejection of scientific fact and the very secular institutions that give voice to their worthless opinions. Yep, somewhere there is a cave missing its bat shit.

  7. Jeff Says:


    That cave missing its bat shit is the real shame, since with the help of the guts of enough beetles, it becomes really high grade fertilizer, and when mixed with some good compost will grow really valuable things. And that missing bat shit which flows from Sol’s fingers could have done the world some good.

    As to the relative value of child molesters vs. Catholics who fail to enforce the Church’s ban on abortion, any normally sane human could see the real balance – unless blinded by faith. Best reason I know to practice atheism.

  8. reetBob Says:

    Well said Jeff “any normally sane human could see the real balance – unless blinded by faith.” Corruption in the catholic faith causes much hurt, but all the truly good people lost amongst the lies is the real tragedy.

    I’m becoming convinced I’m the only person who can see that Sol is just a wind up. He doesn’t even stimulate any interesting debate any more.

  9. solomon Says:


    It confirms why you will never follow any religion is not because what I spoke. Its because you will never accept truth even if its very clear, and even after knowledge have come to you.

  10. solomon Says:


    Trying to campaign for my banning?
    You hardly comment on this site yet you have the ego to banned someone.

  11. Dan Says:

    Trying to campaign for my banning?

    If that’s what is wanted, let me echo the sentiment. You’re nothing but a troll.