17th July 2011

“Christianity insults our intelligence as well as our innate morality by insisting that we believe absurdities that are drawn from the mythology of paganism and barbarism.”

Christopher Hitchens

24 Responses to “17th July 2011”

  1. solomon Says:

    In what way they’re insulting? He should elaborate & prove it, not just speaking following his sentiments. But who cares if its true anyway.

  2. Dan Says:

    Solly my boy, take any basic tenet of Christian (or Muslim) belief. That anyone would be gullible enough to belief that rubbish is a shame, and expecting us to be gullible enough does indeed insult our intelligence.

    So, good quote from Hitchens.

  3. solomon Says:

    State it Dan, what is so rubbish, if you’re the man of truth, & lets start a debate on it. If you’re reluctant, that shows you’re a big time !!LIAR!!

  4. Dan Says:

    Pick any basic tenet of either religion’s beliefs and we can discuss. ANY.

  5. Dan Says:

    My favorite tenet to pick on is the Christian belief that, not only do ghosts exist, but one could impregnate a woman. That’s a good example of gullibility in action.

  6. Rambler Says:

    I for one find it insulting that religion insinuates that people can do only do good, or be prevented from doing wrong by rewarding or punishing them.

    As for absurdities, how about the notion that there is a big invisible wizard who lives in the sky? And how about the fact that this wizard has nothing better to do than punish people for the things they do with their own genitalia?
    How about bread falling from the sky? Sticks turning into snakes, witches, people walking on water etc.

  7. archaeopteryx Says:

    A talking donkey – numbers 22:28. This must be a contender for an absurdity award.

  8. R J Says:

    oh c’mon Arch…………

    Jim Carrey has been making HIS ass talk for years !!!!!

  9. Dan Says:

    To add to the list of absurd and unbelievable things in these religions that others are helping with, I’d like to add ANYTHING that requires Faith to believe in it. That is, accepting ANY bold claim without any evidence is just an exercise in bold or extreme gullibility.

  10. solomon Says:

    You’re picking the wrong religion as an example Dan. Let me clarify what truly happens. Mary is not impregnated by any ghost or God. By the will of God he blows his soul into Mary’s womb and there you are, a baby named Jesus was born. Its a very simple process. Don’t tell me Mary have to undergo sexual intercourse to have a baby. That is only one of the way that you know. If you doubt, there are test tube babies. God can make any of his ways possible. He owns the blueprint for human designs.
    Now lay out your next case….

  11. solomon Says:

    Points to ponder;

    Its fortunate that there are still wise believers. If the world is flocked with wicked gay atheists, the human population might have extinct. All other creatures including plants follow Gods rules in mating but not so to this one virus(atheists). This virus should be wiped off from the surface of this earth.

  12. archaeopteryx Says:

    solomon’s gone very quiet….

  13. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    Religion in general and the big three Abrahamic faiths in particular are insulting in almost every way. I’m not a person who claims to be 100% sure that here is no god or whatever but I AM 100% positive that every single stinking religion is completely created by men and used to control other men and especially women. I can’t really think of anything more insulting on every level than someone who invents a ridiculous and obvious construct and then aggressively passes it off as divine direction.
    Also: I’m pretty new to this discussion page but … Isn’t this soloman guy just a really poor troll? I mean, seriously, The wicked, gay atheists should be wiped off the planet? Is it even possible to be that incredibly stupid?

  14. RJ Says:

    hey dan and arch…………..
    here’s something fun to ponder !!!! one light year in distance covers
    approx 6 TRILLION MILES !!! LONG way.

    and (( i think )) the furthest confirmed distance measured from earth
    is 13 and one half BILLION light years !!!! LONG LONG LONG way.

    and do you know…..
    that in ALL of that un-imaginable space and distance….

    there aint NOBODY more FAITHFUL than our very own SOL !!!!!!

    whoo-hooo !!!!

  15. RJ Says:


  16. solomon Says:

    Johnny Eucharist ,

    “Is it even possible to be that incredibly stupid?”
    What is so stupid? Please elaborate.
    If you’re reluctant, that shows you’re a big time !!LIAR!!. Just like Dan.

  17. Dan Says:

    By the will of God he blows his soul into Mary’s womb and there you are…

    First, that’s not any less laughable.
    Second, actually no, Christians believe in something called a Holy Ghost, which impregnated Mary. So yes they believe that ghosts can impregnate women.

    If the world is flocked with wicked gay atheists, the human population might have extinct. All other creatures including plants follow Gods rules in mating but not so to this one virus(atheists).

    You’re ignorance is showing (again):
    I’m a straight, family-oriented atheist, as are a lot of other atheists. I actually know a lot of atheists, and only about one in ten I’d say are gay. So we’re not gay (for the most part), we’re just a heck of a lot less intolerant that your ilk.

    Oh, and the animal kingdom is rife with examples of observed homosexuality.

  18. solomon Says:

    Iam not refering to atheists as a whole but only refering to gay atheists, coz most gays are atheists. And I did mention “follow Gods rules in mating”. Focus on the word “mating”. Gay atheists hardly help in the process of mating but is doing an useless job.
    And most gay atheists fear of humiliation produce some offsprings to cover their despicable identity or just to prove their manhood.
    And God did show some(this is not common) homosexuality in other creatures as an example not to follow by humans which is an useless act or the misguided lusts usually found in animals. Humans are thought to use their brains and sense.

  19. solomon Says:

    “thought”should be “taught”.
    Pheeew…that was close…

  20. Dan Says:

    Oh okay, you weren’t referring to atheists as a whole as gay, just sharing with us your rather unhealthy obsession with gays. Why do you care then what they do anyway?

  21. solomon Says:

    True hearts always care. God forbids the despicable & useless act. Anything that is forbidden by God will always have its bad consequences. Gay husbands will leave their woman high & dry for example. That would then arise to countless cheating wives. Th family institution will be in jeopardy. A lot of illegitimate child without proper identity will be born. That is just the beginning. The problem won’t stop there. It will continue like a nuclear fission. Other bad consequences is the introduction of the killer disease AIDS. And there is no cure at the moment. Billions of dollars and time are wasted on drugs and research. Thats why everybody should care.

  22. Dan Says:

    Wow. Just wow. That’s a comment full of crazy.

  23. Linda Vanier Says:

    I agree. Wow ! That’s the dumbest thing I ever read.

  24. Allyson Says:

    seems interesting! I bookmarked it, will read it later. keep up the good work fellas!