8th August 2011

“Sadly, there are still many in the [Catholic] church who regard valid criticism of its teachings and its conduct as tantamount to sectarianism.”

Kevin McKenna

9 Responses to “8th August 2011”

  1. R J Says:

    what SADLY ????????

    deep-core catholics dont care if criticism is VALID……or

    complete lunacy. for them…even the most gossamer HINT

    of criticism is WRONG WRONG WRONG !!!!! and, as history

    clearly shows….you dispute them, and they’ll be DELIGHTED

    to kill you.

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    Of course it’s wrong to criticize something that is absolutely true! /sarcasm off

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    It’s certainly not just confined to catholicism. Regardless, in a free spoken society all religions will have to get used to the idea that they don’t get a free pass on criticism.

  4. PEB Says:

    If I was a betting man then I’d put money on Catholic Christianity to be the first major religion to disappear into cult status within the next 100 years.

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    Maybe in the west. It appears to be growing elsewhere unfortunately.

  6. nonDelusionalReality Says:

    Both science and the arts are built upon cultures of vigorous self-criticism; religious discourse is not. As a result, religious dogmatism still reigns unchallenged in almost every society on earth—dividing humanity from itself, inflaming conflict, preventing wise public policy, and diverting scarce resources.

  7. electrabotanical Says:

    And the ones who agree with the criticism are probably jumping ship from the sinking church.

  8. CaptainZero Says:

    Here you go. The Catholic church hires pedophile to investigate their pedophiles.


  9. solomon Says:

    Ahh…….only mere accusations