20th August 2011

“Religion is exactly what you deserve when you let others do your thinking for you.”


34 Responses to “20th August 2011”

  1. R J Says:

    BULLS-EYE !!!!!!!!

    YES YES YES !!!!!

  2. John Says:

    Yep!! It’s only what the preacher tell’em!

  3. solomon Says:

    Not exactly. Its what your true heart sees it.

  4. R J Says:




  5. R J Says:

    ” to ignore the evidence and hope

    that it cannot be true is more

    an evidence of mental illness. ”

    ——–william blase

  6. Dan Says:

    Its what your true heart sees it.

    As always Solly, what you call a “true heart” we call “ignorance.”

  7. archaeopteryx Says:

    Anon writes some good one-liners!

  8. solomon Says:

    The atheists. That’s what they always do. Shut off their minds.

  9. Dan Says:

    Are you having a change of heart and starting to value the use of one’s intellect? What happened to your Faith? 😉

  10. archaeopteryx Says:

    re post at 13.09:


  11. archaeopteryx Says:

    That was supposed say Y A W N in double angle brackets: did I run foul of an html convention or something?

  12. solomon Says:


    The use of the mind may not limited only to intellect. In fact its higher than intellect.

  13. Greg Stras Says:

    The author of the quote is Baron von Knifty.

  14. solomon Says:


    Nobody ask.

  15. R J Says:

    RE POST AT 17:42……………….

    what do you mean ????????

    ….telekinesis ?

    ….extra-sensory perception ?

    ….remote viewing ?

    ….channelling ?

    ….regressive memory ?

    ….psychic transferrence ?

    come come…….let’s hear some specifics.

  16. reetBob Says:

    Greg, is that right?

    It looks like Baron Von Knifty used to post here?

  17. reetBob Says:

    Interesting Greg.

    He used to post here didn’t he?

  18. R J Says:

    RE POST AT 13:09

    atheists shut off THEIR minds ??

    read the quote
    read the quote
    read the quote
    read the quote
    read the quote

  19. Dan Says:

    Sol: Your stupidity is showing — that was pure nonsense.

  20. Dan Says:

    Seriously Sol, WHAT other functions of the mind are higher than intellect?

  21. Atheist MC Says:

    &LT like this? &GT

  22. Atheist MC Says:

    html is a bit bizarre here sometimes
    &lt should give the less than symbol and &gt the greater than. but doesn’t seem to work. If you actually type the symbol of course symbols and content should disappear. (maybe that’s how god did it 🙂

  23. archaeopteryx Says:

    thanks AMC. I’ll try that next time!

  24. R J Says:

    RE POST AT 19:29 …………. ” nobody ask ”

    greg…………while it is true that no one asked

    about the author of today’s quote, it was still

    kind of you to take the time to post….and, for

    your trouble, you were rudely dismissed with

    the enigmatic words, ” nobody ask. ”

    pity…..but not completely unexpected.

    dont take it to heart.

    thank you for your effort, and doubtless, you

    will have a chance to respond in kind.

  25. solomon Says:


    When you’re in a dream, does your “intellect” mind functions?
    When you woke up and think back about your dreams, you’ll find you have done silly things during the dream.

  26. R J Says:

    good luck with THAT one, dan !!

  27. solomon Says:

    “thanks” R J

  28. Dan Says:

    That doesn’t answer the question – dreams aren’t a higher mental function than the intellect aka the conscious mind.

  29. solomon Says:

    But indeed your mind took control over your intellect during dreams.

  30. RJ Says:

    re post at 12:10

    wrong. the sub-conscience generates dream images and

    “plots” from information gathered thru the senses , then

    filtered thru the intellect. essentially, the mind is “talking to

    itself ” …………………….and there is conclusive evidence to

    demonstrate that cognitive analysis ( thinking ) is occurring

    during dream sleep.

    read a book.

  31. Dan Says:

    Nice response RJ. I can’t believe that we have to explain to this guy that dreams are a low-function state of the brain. What next – we’ll have to explain again that you’ve gotta be pretty gullible to go to hell?

    iiGULLIBLE!! I tell you.


  32. solomon Says:

    R J,

    Don’t try to bluff. Which part do you say I’am wrong?
    Conscious is mind.
    Sub-conscious is also the mind.
    You are just dictating my point by implying the mind generates dream images bla…bla…bla…bla….
    If you say dream images or plots are filtered thru the intellect or thinking is occuring during sleep, then my point still stands that intellect can’t get over with the control of the mind that an intellect seems like a stupid fool during dreams.
    Bring your bluffing somewhere else.

    Dan is just applauding a silly clown.

  33. R J Says:

    who’s bluffing ?????

    sticks and stones…………………..

  34. Dan Says:

    Dan is just applauding a silly clown.

    Almost, not quite though: I’m not exactly “applauding” you.