24th August 2011

“When a man is freed of religion, he has a better chance to live a normal and wholesome life.”

Sigmund Freud1856 – 1939

14 Responses to “24th August 2011”

  1. R J Says:


    it’s only true !!

  2. solomon Says:

    A blantant foolish half baked statement.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    It worked that way for me, anyway.

  4. Dan Says:


  5. Atheist MC Says:

    Yeah I can relate to that

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I’ve never known a religious person that didn’t suffer deep down from the confusion and conflict that arises from religious hypocrisy. Not saying there aren’t a few healthy minded religious people out there, it just seems that given their numbers, examples of well adjusted religious people ought to be far more common.

    Freud’s choice of words is really key “freed of religion”. Freedom is central to the atheist experience. It would be like returning to Plato’s cave to accep[t religion back into one’s life. Once free only the weak minded and fearful would crawl back to the cave to hide in the darkness of religious life.

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Number of Species on Earth is 8.7 Million, Scientists Say

    I wonder how Noah was able to collect and transit 8.7 million male/femal species pairs on that “relatively speaking” tiny little ark?

    How big was Noah’s Ark?

    How Large Was Noah’s Ark?

  8. R J Says:

    to SINJIN……………

    RE POST AT 15:12 TODAY….

    sinjin today is your lucky day !!!! i just happen to KNOW
    how Noah got all the animals onto the ark !!

    if you’ll just refer back to yesterday’s post, at 2:22,

    you will find these words :

    ” its all just god’s process to make anything possible. ”

    pretty impressive , huh ?? and the great thing is

    you can use it to answer ALL KINDSA questions !!

    please, no thanks are necessary !!!

  9. R J Says:

    RE POST AT 17:00 yesterday

    the only humiliation that shows up on this site is YOUR OWN.

    but dont quit posting !!! after all, it’s always so

    enlightening watching you get steam-rolled !!

  10. R J Says:

    one more thing…………………

    re post at 2:35 today………….

    the post is a little confusing in that i cant tell
    if the observation was directed at MY post
    ( directly above ) OR at Dr. Freud’s
    quote…..directly above my post.

    now, if it was for ME , i guess i’ll have to take my lumps,

    since quite often i AM foolish and half-baked…..but i simply

    will not put up with ” B L A N T A N T ” !!!!!!!!

    i have NEVER been B L A N T A N T .

    AND….if it was meant for Freud, well then i can certainly

    understand that !!! after all, he was such a pipsqueak

    in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis that it’s a wonder

    anybody remembers him at all !

  11. Dan Says:

    It IS pretty amusing to see Solomon claim that he is refuting arguments one moment, and then next when we try to engage him with serious questions he just runs away. Cowardly if you ask me.

  12. R j Says:


    well. maybe so. but guys like this have been running around for a long time………..and most of them are more annoying
    than anything else. i admire your gumptiom to try to
    establish a meaningful arguement……but most of the time
    you wind up pissin’ in the wind beacuse guys like this CANT
    argue. they just fall back on handy phrases like
    ” God works in mysterious ways ” ………………. or something
    equally nebulous……and any sort of dialog goes out the

    here’s a quote from Confucius which, i think, sums
    it up………………

    ” Real knowledge is to know the
    extenr of ones ignorance ”

    and i agree with him !!!!

  13. Dan Says:

    “Pissin’ in the wind.” Yeah, you’re right. Still, I believe it’s better to confront such stupidity rather than leave it to fester…

  14. R j Says:


    i agree. stupidity ALWAYS needs to be identified

    and confronted. no question.