27th August 2011

“Victory over god should be easy as god doesn't exist. Yet humans make it hard, because they insist on believing in the bugger.”

Philipp Dunkel

15 Responses to “27th August 2011”

  1. John Says:

    I sense that the operative word in today’s quote is “bugger”. Especially when it comes to religion and what it does to one’ s mind…

  2. R J Says:


    that’s a very excellent observation.

    victory over god is no big deal………….

    like shootin’ fish in a barrel .

  3. solomon Says:

    If God doesn’t exists, make your lifespan endless.

  4. R J Says:

    no god

    no hell

    endless lifespan ??? NO THANK YOU .

  5. John Says:

    Oh Solly…. whenever you get zinged; you have to zang us with that old tired hell response bull.

    My marshmallows keep drying out and I have to keep throwing them away whilst waiting for your promise of hell…. at least my scotch is a good smooth single malt; I’ll tell you. Want some? I’ll bet if you sat down to a couple of fingers once in a while; you might just truly find that one true religion you seek. Bottoms up, mate!!!

  6. Dan Says:

    …….You’ll be burned in !!!HHHEEELLL!!!

    LOL You’re funny.

  7. archaeopteryx Says:

    Perhaps the future is not as religious as most of us on this site fear:


  8. R j Says:


    thanks for the very interesting article. i love the line

    at the end about ” herding cats .”

    check out the last few posts yesterday !!! SINJIN and i

    won free tickets to hell ! pretty cool , huh ?

  9. R j Says:

    hey campers…………….

    go to the “atheist revolution ” site. take a look at

    who got voted ” idiot of the week ” ( 3rd time !! )

    good for a smile !

  10. Jeff Says:

    Another interesting piece of fiction, which takes Jaynes’ theories into account is Harry Turtledove’s “Between the Rivers”. A bit more modern than Clan, but well worth the read – don’t know how you’d make of movie of that one, too much happening between various character’s ears.

  11. Jeff Says:


    Just exactly WHY would I want an endless life span. I’m quite content with my three score and ten, and have already told my doctor that she gets a bonus for every year I outlast that. WTF do you plan on doing with your endless lifespan?

  12. Rj Says:


    did you really make that deal with your doctor???

    i think that is SO cool ! if had the coin, i would do that too.

    i’m 64, and just this year i gave myself the little

    goal of trying to reach 70. no particular reason…..but

    my health is fair to so-so………..so, it’s probably a little

    silly…but as i get older my appreciation of “silly”

    seems to increase !! hell, there’s enough sadness, depression,

    heart-break, and anger and violence. so why not celebrate

    SILLY………………..MUCH more fun !

    the stuff we get on this site from the ” Loyal Opposition”

    is, if examined with a serious, critical eye, depressingly

    pathetic. however , viewed with a “silly” perspective,

    it’s LOTSA LAFFS !!!!

    so, again, i think your deal with the doc is great……………….

    and i hope you have to come up with lotsa bonuses !!

  13. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Ah solly on that endless lifespan thing, it is being worked on:

    Eventually, AIs will allow us to conquer death itself.

    You really should read something other than religious propaganda.

  14. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    One of my silly things I do is to challenge god to take my life. I curse him up and down, out loud, and in front of people.

    Then I challenge him. I say things like if he was worthy of anything he’d prove himself and take my life. I’ve been doing this for years.

    After an amount of time passes, the pregnant pause, I then launch into to threatening god and saying that I will kill god. Seems nothing I can say will get this low life puke scumbag, known to good Christians as god, to defend himself. He just hides in the shadows of the minds of weak willed pedophiles.

    Oh and the Catholic church is really just a front for organized pedophilia.

    Don’t worry solly god doesn’t exist so I’ll not be killing you invisible friend.

  15. R J Says:


    for me

    you are truly

    a kindred spirit !!!!