30th August 2011

“If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion.”

Edmond de Goncourt1822 – 1896

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  1. R J Says:

    i agree.

  2. Solomon Says:

    Atheists always agree, even on silly things, as long as it mock religion.

  3. Solomon Says:

    The atheists god’s is lusts. One of their teachings is..homosexuality is legal.What a despicable religion.

  4. R J Says:

    care to elaborate on your viewpoints ????????

  5. Dan Says:

    You can’t be insulted by things that don’t exist (e.g. gods, angels, devils, spirits, ghosts, heavens, hells, etc.), that’s true.

  6. Dan Says:

    Oh and by the way, Solomon, you refused to answer me the other day when I asked you why you thought homosexuality is “heinous” or “despicable.” Care to do so now?

    Please stop being a coward and explain or elaborate on your viewpoints.

  7. R J Says:

    a few thoughts………………..

    1) atheists OFTEN agree on certain ideas, but,

    they do no ALWAYS agree.

    2) atheists do not mock religion. they mock the thinking

    that forms the basis for religious faith.

    3) atheists have NO gods……..not even a god of lust.

    4) SOME atheists do work to abolish certain laws

    pertaining to the rights of homosexuals in this country.

    BUT…..not all atheists are concerned with these problems .

    5) atheism is not a religion……..not even a

    despicable religion.

    6) hurling insults at atheists is pretty pointless.

    the insults are generally meaningless, and so,

    are generally ignored.


  8. electrabotanical Says:

    What RJ said.

  9. archaeopteryx Says:

    On the quotation: it sounds like an anticipation of the classic Monty Python line

    “Forgive us, lord, this our dreadful toadying”

  10. Atheist MC Says:

    I guess if there are gods, they more or less get the worshippers they deserve. In the case of Yahweh/Allah a narcissistic, misgynistic homophobic autocratic religion seems to be what they want. Apparently there is no shortage of people willing to oblige.

  11. Solomon Says:

    God owns everything. He have every reason to be autocratic. But his autocracy is highly acceptable and uncruel.

  12. Dan Says:

    Which god do you believe in again Sol?

  13. Atheist MC Says:

    Not the Abrahamic one obviously. Maybe it’s Santa?

  14. Dan Says:

    Dionysis or Bacchus maybe? I would definitely call his autocracy VERY acceptable and uncruel!


  15. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    The really weird thing about religious people that we all have to be aware of is that they might develop some whiley eyed crazy impulse to ruthlessly and savagely go out and kill in the name of the lord.

    The really weird thing about atheists that we really don’t even need to be aware of is that they may not let you borrow their lawnmower.

    “But his autocracy is highly acceptable and uncruel” WOW! Just crazy! Sol is a real friggen loon!

  16. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Hurricane Irene a message from God, says Bachmann

    Let me tell you all about how painful it is to be a Republican today. Especially an atheist Republican. It is like having raging angry fire ants chewing into your sphincter while pilloried in the hot sun.

  17. R j Says:

    ahh sinjin ! always a delight to hear from you !

    doncha LOVE ms. bachmann……………..she’s a trip !!!

    if she’s presidential material, then i’m a chinese aviator. where do these

    people come from ???

    years ago, a comic named Pat Conroy had a novel idea for our nation’s

    highest office……………….

    he thought that for President, the people ought to elect a

    shaved gorilla !!!

    and for Vice-President, a mechanical man !! AND at the january swearing in

    ceremony, the preident should dis-mantle the vice president, and throw

    his pieces at the crowd !!!!!

    well, i COMPLETELY embraced the idea. you know, it’s daring forward

    thinking like that that will put this country BACK ON ITS FEET !!

    also, i liked your “fire ant ” images……………………rteminds me of

    being forced to take electives in college !!

  18. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    R j my pain seems to have no bounds:

    Beware of Rick Perry, the French cuff cowboy

    Why oh why can’t the Republicans just field a human candidate? I mean for a political party so averse to the idea that we evolved from a common ancestor among primates how is it that they insist on nominating baboons for President?

    Why can’t there be more Abraham Lincolns, Teddy Roosevelts, Susan B Anthonys, Frederik Douglas’, Jackie Robinsons as Republicans?

    Rick Perry? The NFL’s talking heads have a bit they do called “Come On Man!”

    Rick Perry for WHAT! Come On Man!

  19. R j Says:


    i agree it’s terribly dis-heartening. i am a life-long cynic…and as the years

    roll by , for me, it only becomes more pronounced and refined.

    i , like you, cannot believe the oafish, simplistic clods who run for office….

    and yet…..somehow….they get elected.

    i’m pretty sure i am older than you….not that that makes a lot of difference

    but i was born in a time , and grew up in a time that was pivotal on a global

    basis. i have a dividing point in history…..and it is the advent of

    nuclear weapons……marked for all time by their actual use. the world has

    never been the same. concomitant with this is the virtual explosion of

    all forms of technology……………………and primarily communicatiions

    technology. Technology has increased the pace of life in almost

    surreal ways………………and the concepts of ” instant ” and

    ” instantaneous ” have totally reworked living……….AND

    thinking……………..with to my mind, the ultimate result of


    the on-going results are what you see around you every day.

  20. Jeff Says:

    Mr. Smythe,

    Might I invite you to join with the conservative Democrats? The party’s tent is pretty big, when you consider that being the Democratic whip in either house is considered the equivalent of herding cats. We don’t care where you personally stand on abortion, provided you understand it as a moral choice to be left to the individual. We’re not really fussy about your fiscal conservatism, provided you’re bright enough to understand that we have both a spending and revenue problem, caused by a decade of under-taxation, which reversed a fiscal course to the US being debt free by this year. We strongly believe in freedom of speech and religion, and even in the second amendment. We’re not really sure about the current court’s interpretation, but we’re not shooting anyone to get it changed.

    I think you might be more comfortable on the other side of that fence, sir!

  21. NatureofReality Says:

    @ RJ

    Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy”? It’s scary real.

  22. NatureofReality Says:

    solomon: “Atheists always agree, even on silly things, as long as it mock religion.”

    Are you even intelligent enough to know what you say? Religion mocks itself, Just look at your posts.

    Solomon: “The atheists god’s is lusts. One of their teachings is..homosexuality is legal.What a despicable religion.”

    Are you kidding me? Do you even know what the definition of ‘atheist’ is? It’s the non-belief in deities/gods. So to suggest they have a god of any kind shows how delusional you are. Then to go on and say their ‘teachings’, What teaching are we talking about? Simply a non-belief in a deity/god is not a system of beliefs. It’s simply the interpretation of an imaginary invisible being as being imaginary. No myths, No superstitions, No absurdities. No invisible beings called god. There is no atheist hand book, let alone rules concerning homosexuals, that’s the realm of the religious zealots and their religious dogma (the root of evil in the world)

    solomon; “God owns everything. He have every reason to be autocratic. But his autocracy is highly acceptable and uncruel.”

    That’s impossible as there is no god, nor can you prove there is one, so to go on and assert you know he is autocratic, or you know what he has done, or you know what he will do, is patently insane and proves you are delusional and probably ignorant. I suppose you even think you have a book of its(god) rules for us to follow in our human condition. Yet you fail to realize there is 18 different main religions (40,000 versions of Chritianity alone) ALL claiming to be right and all the others wrong. And you wonder why the smart people in the world laugh at you.

    There is absolutely no logic in praying to a god that “works in mysterious ways”.

    When the pope come out and condemns a man for drawing pictures instead of condemning the men who are killing others for their religious dogma. The real world knows morality does not come from the church. Religious zealots are delusional and events in the real world prove this out on a daily basis.

  23. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    R j I hope this link works http://plus.google.com/url?sa=z&n=1314728031257&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=hYIC0eZYEtI&usg=56cGcVYc1pXRDmtFiZQYjLyuzmo.

    It is a Youtube video of George Carlin and it is funny on sickly sweet level.

    The part on “Critical Thinkers” my have you ROFL.

  24. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Jeff I appreciate the invite, I assure you I’ve examined the idea on more than one occasion.

    On abortion I support it, not for reasons familiar to Democrats, but as a Republican. I can’t understand how any honest Republican could be against abortion. The position is simply anti-Republican. I don’t qualify it a moral choice, morals vary from sub-cuture to sub-culture, but rather a merciful choice. If we can come in from an extreme, say horse with a broken leg on a race track flailing wildly in pain. What are the chances that anyone is going to object to putting that animal out of its misery?

    If we can come in from an extreme we can understand why Jeffrey Dahmer asked for the death penalty: He was tormented by the maddening thoughts that ran amok in his brain.

    If we can come in from an extreme, and see that it isn’t so much a slippery slope, but a reasonable choice made before the unwanted child is brought into this world.

    In New York in the 80s there was a significant drop in violent crime. After all the politicians took credit for that science spoke and told us that it was actually the numbers of unwanted children that has declined in the aftermath of Roe v Wade.

    If we can understand the economic trade-off alone ($300-$500 for an abortion to $250,000 to raise an unwanted child) we can further solidify the obvious.

    Save the cost in less crime.

    No where in the Bible does god say that we must be ignorant fools.

    The fiscal conservative in me says the costs in human, economic, and in public safety firmly establishes in reason and logic the Republican position on abortion.

    The Bible and the backward religionists are insane.

    I’m “socially progressive” in the Abraham Lincoln sense of the words, I’m “environmentally friendly” in a Teddy Roosevelt sense of the words.
    I’m “fiscally conservative” in a Ronald Reagan sense of the words.

    The Reagan tax cuts, like similar measures enacted in the 1920s and 1960s, showed that reducing excessive tax rates stimulates growth, reduces tax avoidance, and can increase the amount and share of tax payments generated by the rich. I think Reagan would want to raise taxes today as he would find the rich aren’t paying their fair share. John Dean has written an interesting book http://amzn.com/B001G8WNEG on the subject of republican having lost their bearings.

    Example: A market based solution I’m intersted in – water flowing in a river once dead for 100 years “Laurelwood Brewing Committed to the Deschutes River” http://www.mutineermagazine.com/blog/2010/09/laurelwood-brewing-committed-to-the-deschutes-river/

    I do think, as I believe Reagan would, that tax rates are too low, not as much in the $250 to $1,000,000 income range but in the $1,000,000+ range. We do spend too much but that’s they way it is. Our real problem has little to do with taxes or spending and everything to do with GDP.

    Only in America could people be all wound up about taxes and spending when our manufacturing is disolving. AND get this it isn’t for a lack of ideas. Presently there is a 3 year back log at the US patent and Trademark office. WHY?

    Patents cost more than ever and take forever to get. Great business ideas, the kind American investors would love to invest in, are shelved waiting for approvals that will not likely arrive in time for the product to be viable.

    How many bankers and investors would like something other than a refinance/releveraging to invest in?

    We could have a massive campaign to get lots of business started, we have plenty of unemployed workers, we have plenty of space (The worlds population could fit with the borders of Texas alone), and we have government agencies like the SBA, the FTC, the state unemployment agencies, that all could be brought to bear on resolving the employment and GDP problem. No one would talk about taxes and spending then would they?

    I’m all for freedom of speech, and as a Republican I think if you are so stupid that you would choose to follow a religion, smoke pot, and /or any other stupidity, then more power to you. Laissez faire.

    On the seecond amendment I take a “bigger fish to fry approach”, much like my take on abortion. Sure murder is murder, but abortion and the second amendment doesn’t have much to do with murder. Last year about $30,000 people were killed in firearm related events. If this is really that big an issue in this country then explain how we walk past the dead corpses of the millions of people that die from other causes and elevate “gun control” to an issue worth paying any attention to at all. Cancer, Heat Disease, and Diabetes combine for more deaths by an order of magnitude.

    Want health Reform? Do it the way we did it last century. Cure disease! 82 diseases were cured in the last century.

    What are the chances that the exponential growth in the US economy from 1898 to the present have something to do moreso with something other than the productivity gains resultant from the cure of disease?

    As you aren’t shooting to get gun freedoms changed, I have no interest in changing abortion rights.

    You are right, pun intended, to suggest I’d be comfortable with Democrats I have friends on both sides of the aisle. But the ideals that I live by are have root in the Republican party. So I’m resigned to bide my time until the current crop of fraudulant theocrats fall from grace.

  25. R J Says:


    couldnt get the link. no matter. watched some george on

    youtube…………he always perks me up. sad that he’s


    to perk YOU up, here’s MY list of presidential possibilities……………………..

    marilyn manson

    ru Paul

    professor Irwin Corey

    george romero


    rob zombie

    current KKK imperial wizard

    missy B ( kansas city transsexual queen )

    dweezil zappa

    juliet lewis

    jon lovitz

    chris angel

    the black veil brides ( as a unified 5-man presidency )

    and finally……….


    although i worry that barney may have too high a
    profile viv a vis assassination !

    COMMENTS ???????

  26. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    R j this is a great list. All have the edge on the current Republican candidates with one exception Ron Paul. I like Ron Paul but I willfully acknowledge he often appears goofy. Some of that is the media, some is just Mr. Paul.

    As you no doubt know Mr. Paul often comes off as rather tolerant, accepting and even supporting and approving of Democrat policy and position. A real bipartisan. I wish he was handsome. You can’t get much mileage politically if you aren’t handsome.

    Rick Perry will get the Republican nod even though he is at his core a mix between Neaderthal Man and Warren G. Harding. Protruding brow, plucked mono-brow, and crazy eyes.

    Just imagine maybe 10 years removed, Republicans looking back on George W Bush and Rick Perry. I hope they are saying of that time “this is when we had lost our way”. And horror of horrors, I count George Bush among my cousins not quite far enough removed.

  27. R J Says:


    NOT ron paul !!!!!!!!!!!!

    ru Paul………..the drag queen !!!!!

  28. R J Says:


  29. R J Says:


    keep that cousin stuff on the Q.T. !!

  30. Solomon Says:

    Hey everyone,
    This is not a political forum.

  31. R j Says:

    forums can go in many directions because so many

    ideas are INTER-CONNECTED .


    try not to be so hopelessly clueless.

  32. Brandi Alberton Says:

    Like the posting