3rd September 2011

“'Thou shalt take offence at the drop of a hat' is the unwritten Eleventh Commandment.”


13 Responses to “3rd September 2011”

  1. NatureofReality Says:

    This one ought to replace one of first three commandments(if not all 3) , you know the ones about an imaginary invisible being.

  2. R J Says:

    well, i’m at a loss. can somebody tell me the point

    here ?

  3. Claudia Says:

    I don’t understand it. Can you somebody break it down for me?
    Thank you.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    Perhaps it refers to the readiness with which very religious people take offence at criticism of, or failure to respect, their unfounded beliefs?

  5. solomon Says:

    No comment.

  6. Admin Says:

    “can somebody tell me the point”


  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    “’Thou shalt take offence at the drop of a hat’ is the unwritten Eleventh Commandment.”

    Thin skinned brainless religious morons fearful of criticism, knowing full well your faith is crap, knowing in your head that you don’t even believe, fight for your paper thin identity, deny the obvious, this is your team, this is your way, to anyone who challenges your faith, cry outrage, to anyone who exposes the truth, attack, even kill them. So sayeth the lord.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Re: @ 14:17 – Thanks Admin – you’ve given me another site that I need to follow – religiously.

    Re: @ 14:38 – Watch that nail gun Sinjin, you’re far too accurate with that thing for anyone’s good.

  9. R J Says:

    thank you ADMIN

    thank you SINJIN

    thank you “no comment” ………….keep posting
    “no comment”……………..and……………
    you’ll be better off.

  10. Joanne Says:

    Oh darn, I always thought the “11th Commandment” is “Thou shall have no other mythology but my own”

  11. R J Says:

    JOANNA………..POST AT 21:07

    now that one i LIKE !!!!!

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