7th September 2011

“I actually felt sorry for non-Roman Catholics at university when, in fact, had I known it they were so much better off than I was. At least they knew how to think for themselves and enjoy themselves.”

Paul Stevenson

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  1. electrabotanical Says:

    I feel sorry for kids in fundamental Baptist families. I actually do. These innocent minds are being brainwashed with all manner of threats, fantasy and illusions of superiority. Their minds are being trained not to think or be critical.

  2. R J Says:


    too true…………and it goes on and on.

    tooth fairy, santa, easter bunny, god, angels,

    risen jesus, saints, barney………………

    ” SIGH “

  3. electrabotanical Says:

    The RCC does not want you to think for yourself or enjoy yourself. Live a celibate life of a godbot for the Pope. Gack!

  4. CaptainZero Says:

    I remember being worried about my non-catholic friends. What about their SOULS? Christ-on-a-hampster-wheel, I’m glad I grew out of that silly tripe.

  5. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Twelve Virtues of Rationality

    Funny little story: When I was just getting into the Navy, going into bootcamp, there came the moment when I was to get my dog tags. Name, SSN, and religious preference.

    Name and SSN went well, but when I said I was an atheist they said they couldn’t use that. I asked about agnostic and no that wasn’t doable either. I said that I don’t have any religious belief, that I wouldn’t want a faith on this personal identifier of me. The poor old sod, mumbled about for a bit and then said we could put “No Rel Pref” for no religious preference.

    I couldn’t help but to think after the experience about the separation of church and state and how here I am with a member of the military practically insisting that I accept religious identification. Wow!

    I’ve been a lot of places, some I should have never been, but everywhere I went I knew that I went in alone, I never expected anyone to back me up beyond myself. I’ve been fortunate to have many friends, all of them real flesh and blood friends. No supernatural dead beats needed.

  6. R j Says:

    my parents were church goers, and somewhat active in church functions. we

    went to “congregationalist” churches in chicago………..which are non-denominational.

    i honestly cant remember a time that ANYTHING connected to church lore, or

    beliefs made any kind of sense to me. it was all sort of nebulous gobbledygook.

    i had lotsa catholic and jewish friends, but the stuff they would come up with

    was worse than my own. really, the only thing ifrom that time that has stayed with me

    is a fascination with church architecture, and stained glass…….and i still am awed

    by the aesthetic beauty of these art forms.

    the only person who has ever spoken or written about god that i can

    stand is albert einstein……..and his views lean more toward the “WHY”

    of reality, than any worshipful religious crap.

    he made gentle references to an ” Impenetrable intelleigence working

    behind the scenes”, which touches my curiosity…………………

    and he felt that everything ( nature….universe ) was an expression of

    that intellect……………which also touches my curiosity.

    it took me some years to get to where i am now, but i DO

    know this for sure……………..religions are total


    note to sinjin………………….

    read last entry for sept 6……….then gimme your thoughts

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Well Prototypical R j, were it to happen I think it’d be just fine. Sure some folks would be shocked, maybe even lots of folks would be, but that doesn’t matter.

    I saw Chaz “Chastity” Bono on Letterman a few weeks back and I couldn’t help but to feel sypathetic to this person’s experience. Thoughtful, intelligent, and determined: All the qualities that my Republican breatheren profess to admire. Needless to say they would not get past some of the more juvenile observations.

    I have a freind, a very dear friend. I met her when I was four and unfortunately for me I have a photographic memory. I remember the very moment our eyes first met. I say unfortunate for a reason and this is my story:

    We spent everyday together from that moment until we were twelve. Playing in the local park, climbing trees, riding bikes, going to the local swim club. I did things like scrounge for pennies, nickels, and dimes so I could buy her a cherry phosphate at the old pharmacy in our neighborhood.

    Our parents had simultaneously decided to move to the suburbs outside the city. Her family moved first and then after missing her like crazy through seventh grade my family moved to the same community for eighth grade.

    I presumed we’d pick up where we left off but that didn’t happen. For three years we weren’t like we were. Strained to be with each other.

    You see I had just presumed that we would one day marry. It was a foregone conclusion.

    When she turned sixteen she made us aware that she was gay. That is the moment I understood that I was truly in love with her. I didn’t understand these feelings before but once this pronouncement had been made it hit me with all of the weight of the revelation that your dreams will not be coming true can.

    For two years we tried to continue a dialogue and then we decided to try dating. It was awkward and clumsy. It was also obvious that it wasn’t working.

    One night, in front of my Grandmother’s home and after our last date I held her in my arms, looked her in the eyes, and I told her I loved her. Her reply crushed me. She said If she “could ever love a man that I’d be that man.”

    We would see each other at family gatherings after that, and then a few years ago we started emailing each other. I asked her if she remembered what she said twenty some years before in front of my Grandmother’s. I have to admit I was afraid to ask as it was so long ago maybe she forgot. It warmed my heart to have her tell me that yes she did remember and that she still felt that way.

    We still communicate, in fact she helped me with a Mountain Bike purchase. What lingers though, what really haunts me, is that this woman was and remains the love of my life.

    If you can consider this, that nothing really hits home until it hits home, as a Republican my sensibilities have been shaped in large part by this relationship, or lack thereof.

    Maybe you now understand why a Republican like me would watch Chaz Bono and appreciate what she says and her situation.

    MLK’s “content of our character” applies, I’d not want to nominate or elect someone for their orientation, gender, et cetera. I would not hold that against them either. I think that is un-American. It does begin “We the people…”

    So “Press On” trannys!

  8. R J Says:


    ………..wow……….that is quite a story. kind of terrific and

    kind of sad, too. that was nice of you to bring it to


    it’ll never happen, but my fantasy tranny ticket would

    sure shake up the race !!!!! not that it isnt pretty

    amazing already.

    what do you think has happened to old sol……….

    nothing for a while now.

  9. Dan Says:

    On Catholicism and the Christian Bible, Ed Brayton just hit a home run: