24th September 2011

“The reason so many Muslims like to blame Western societies for all the ills of the world is that it means they never have to engage in self-criticism or even self-analysis. The result is that what problems do exist will not be dealt with.”

Douglas Murray

11 Responses to “24th September 2011”

  1. Dan Says:

    …they never have to engage in self-criticism or even self-analysis.

    I’d say that applies to a certain sOmEoNe who frequents the comments here!

  2. Rj Says:

    what a load of crap.

    muslims blame the west not for the ” ills

    of the world ” but for the ills of MUSLIMS.

    by placing the west in the spotlight, they keep the attention

    off themselves………and so, get to run around on the

    workd stage with their ridiculous …..and often fatal….


    i have NO patience with these dopey clowns and their

    dopey religion. and, i have no patience with pussy-

    willow administrations that meekly bow their heads

    and take crap from these people.

    i think the muslim world could use a couple of

    high-yield multi-target warheads. a free ticket

    to go and bask in glory with AH-LAH !!

  3. s00l00m00n Says:

    I belief Muslims don’t simply blame others for what they did’nt do. It will be a sin to do so. Muslims are the most honest and reasonable lots.
    Technically they did’nt blame the West, they only blame the unbelievers or the sinners. Coincidentally most of the sinners came from the West.

  4. Rj Says:

    POST AT 1623

    ” honest “……….” resonable “……i dont think so.

    did you READ your 2nd pargraph before you posted it. ??

  5. archaeopteryx Says:

    s00l00m00n says:

    • Muslims are the most honest and reasonable lots.

    I would like to point out that:

    • The Muslims religion maintains that it must be incorporated into government.

    • The most badly run, intolerant and inhumane governments in the world are those of Muslim nations. Supporting this statement, there does not seem to be much emigration from non-Muslim nations into Muslim ones but a lot the other way.

    This is not a criticism of individual Muslims, but of the suitability of that religion to put itself forward as a paragon of excellence.

    Look at what the facts say.

  6. Jeff Says:

    And I would point out that all religions place external blame for the ills of the world – Satan/Loki/etc ad nausium. Only when we come to realize that we are the problem can we begin to be the solution, and thereby overcome the illusion that God will “save” us. The problem with the 12 steppers is that once you accept that you are the problem, they tell you to seek an external solution rather than the internal one that will actually solve the problem.

    In the sense that Muslims place the blame for their ills externally to themselves, they are just like the rest of the religious, so solly is a bit correct. As to being honest about it, that’s another stinking kettle.

  7. Dan Says:

    I’m not going to weigh in on whether or not Muslims blame others or for what, but I find it interesting that Solomon isn’t objecting to the last part,:

    …the result is that what problems do exist will not be dealt with.

    OR the middle part:

    …they never have to engage in self-criticism or even self-analysis.

    Not that he could object to those of course.

  8. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Muslims have Mohammed, Mormons have Joseph Smith, Scientology had L.Ron Hubbard. Just another after the fact charlatan milking the stupidity of a bunch of shallow, weak minded, idiots.

    Take Solomon for instance, he’s a filthy Muslim. Scum like him can’t be civil of their own accord. Vermin like his kind require masters and rule books. Dependent upon retarded jibberish like what the Koran is filled with. All that subordinating yourself on a friggen mat several times a day. What a con ole Mohammed played on the generations of dopey middle easterners. That a billion people still buy into his bullcrap speaks volumes about his ability to con people.

  9. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Ayn Rand
    I hold that one cannot achieve happiness by random, arbitrary or subjective means. One can achieve happiness only on the basis of rational values. By rational values, I do not mean anything that a man may arbitrarily or blindly declare to be rational. It is the province of morality, of the science of ethics, to define for men what is a rational standard and what are the rational values to pursue. | Playboy, 1964

  10. R J Says:

    POST AT 1834

    jeff……..i’m going off topic here, but WTF.

    i COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU about the 12 steppers. all that

    moaning about a ” power greater than ourselves ” is a HUGE

    load of horse s–t.

    if you wanna take a look at some writings about this, just

    google “the orange papers.”

    i have had occassion to bump up against some gung-ho

    12 steppers…..and it aint pretty. they give me the creeps.

  11. John Says:

    If old sollie can’t see beyond the walls of his box; he’ll never see the light.