26th September 2011

“Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder!”

Homer Simpson

19 Responses to “26th September 2011”

  1. Rotten Says:

    Mmmmmmm. Beeeeeer! Homer is wiser than he may appear!

  2. R J Says:

    i can say, with some pride, that i have

    NEVER watched the simpsons……….


    i never will.

  3. John Says:

    Best reason I can think of or heard for not going to church…

  4. Godkilla Says:

    I’ve never heard a sound logical rebuttal to Homer’s basic argument. How can any of our delusional friends “know” which one is “right”? The fact that they have absolutely no way of determining this makes them all wrong!!

    Go Homer, you are indeed a wise and jaundiced man.

  5. archaeopteryx Says:

    A good answer to Pascal’s wager. Whenever “The Simpsons” tackles religion, it takes a skeptical view. The programme is worth watching for that alone.

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    R J
    You don’t know what you are missing…

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Yeah R j, I have to agree with MC. It certainly has the quality of the Three Stooges where on the surface it seems all slapstick but they do an even better job of spreading adult oriented jabs and pokes at the hypocrisy in present day life.

    Just this line speaks volumes as had the line been delivered by say Richard Dawkins it would have seemed somewhat inflamatory, but from dumb ole Homer Simpson it gets a free pass. It is still saidand that is good. Respression of this kind of speech still exists today. The Simpson’s has “introduced” an entire generation (23 years now) to modernity and progressive thought all without bringing on the wrath of the church.

    I don’t watch the show very often, and when I do it is sometimes after burning up a number, and if by chance you can both partake and watch I’d recommend giving it a try?

  8. electrabotanical Says:

    RJ – howdy. It’s been awhile. Regarding the 12-steppers discussion on the 24th, there is an agnostic wing of the AA group. People can choose anything they want as a higher power. I’ve heard of people using their dog, the power of life, or the power of the group itself to lean upon for strength. I know of one agnostic/skeptic with 20+ years of sobriety. He keeps himself on the right path – mostly through the strength of sharing experience strength and hope with other people on the same journey.

    Just my two cents, and I know the creepy types are out there, but it’s not the whole story.

  9. electrabotanical Says:

    Just in case you have a free-thinker friend who could use some help with an addiction. Then again, it could just be that we live in a liberal town and it’s easier to finesse the “higher power” part of the program around here.

  10. CaptainZero Says:

    You can take a swipe at my (non-existent) god but when you jab at The Simpsons, you’ve gone too far. OK, a lot of it is fart jokes but there is also some really smart comedy and a lot of skepticism and cynicism, both of which I quite enjoy. Southpark is even better. Grosser, sure, but totally fearless and utterly without mercy.

    As for the content of the quote, this is Pascal’s wager turned on its head and is actually a very good question to ask missionaries. How do you KNOW you’re not working for the golden calf and damning yourself in the process? Aren’t there gigantic numbers of people that are utterly convinced that THEIR god is the right god? How can you prove to me that you are right and all of them are wrong? You could be leading people to oblivion!

  11. electrabotanical Says:

    Zero, that’s an excellent tactic for dealing with cleancut young guys in white shirts who turn up in pairs on your front porch.

  12. R j Says:

    post at 1653

    electra….another good tactic is a

    louisville slugger.

    well……….i had no idea so many of you enjoy the simpsons.

    i’ve thought it over, and perhaps i’m being a little short-

    sighted in that i sort of lump all cartoon shows together.

    i mean all the hideous crap on saturday mornings, and

    all the other stuff. MAYBE i will give the simpsons a

    look, since so many of you ( whose opinions i find

    worthwhile ) seem to find some worth in it !!


    electra……………….. ive got no truck with the AA people,

    other than the truly commited ones DO give me the creeps.

    i went along with a guy i know to a couple of these

    meetings to support him…..and actually

    get him in the door

    i understand what they’re trying to

    accomplish….and the goals are fine…………

    avoiding alcohol , and the comcomitant problems

    their over-use has created. but the whole

    atmosphere is eerie (to me). and the ones who

    are in deep, sort of float around with these beatific

    smiles……and manners i can only describe as

    ” gooey .”

    i’m certain they do good for many folks, but if it

    were ME trying to buy into their message ………

    it just wouldnt happen.

  13. electrabotanical Says:

    I’m pretty sure a person has to hit bottom first before they’ll consider turning their life over to a higher power. I don’t see myself doing it, either.

    We had a family funeral last week (Great Uncle. I don’t want to say no big deal to me, but really, it wasn’t a big deal to me – he was a nice guy who deserved a break finally) It was a Southern Baptist preacher and he told us at the cemetary that people are buried facing east because we KNOW that when Jesus rises in the east at Armageddon (or whatever) they’ll pop out of the ground and see him coming. I played real nice and didn’t snork out loud, but BOY was I tempted! We didn’t compare notes with the Baptist contingent of the family to see if anyone else thought it was BS, but my immediate family did a fabulous replay on the way home.

    Now THAT could be a Simpsons episode.

  14. R j Says:


    electra…………where ya been ?????

  15. electrabotanical Says:

    Just kinda busy. Dug up and transplanted 35 raspberries this weekend…

    I’m a tree hugging dirt worshipper, ya’ know.

  16. Rj Says:


    that’s pretty cool with the raspberry plants…..and

    probably a ton of work…………but damn, dont

    stay away like that.

    you gotta be makin’ that up about the “buried east”

    stuff. i know how this sounds, but i think funerals

    are (A) foolish, and (B) hilarious. i mean the

    star of the show isnt even there to appreciate

    it !!!

    ah well.

    here’s a little funeral story you might enjoy………

    my only grand parent ( maternal grandfather ) died

    when i was 11.

    we drove to ohio for the funeral.

    now my grand-dad had a brother, Joe, who looked

    almost exactly like him…….but, I NEVER EVEN


    so, we get to the funeral, walk in, and the first thing

    i see is (what i THOUGHT was) my grand-dad standing

    next to a casket with my GRAND-DAd IN IT !!!!!

    YIPES !!!!!!!

    talk about freakin’ !!!!!

  17. Jeff Says:


    Even the stuff on Boomerang has some real quality to it – The Jetsons with it’s pokes at technology and corporate America, the Flinstones and Rocky and Bullwinkle were all aimed at adults, and just get funnier with maturity.

    Cartoons ain’t for whimps my man. They just get away with murder ’cause the folks they’re aimed at don’t have enough of a sense of humor to get the joke!

  18. R J Says:



    i forgot all about rocky and bullwinkle !!! i LOVE them !!!

    well, i guess there’s some cartoon lover in me

    after all. it just took my little pals at AQOTD to

    bring it out !!

    thank you, pals

  19. R J Says:

    p.s. ……………………..

    what is boomerang ?