13th February 2008

“All theocracies, trumpeted or clandestine, have proven to be disastrous. When the rights of our diverse citizenry are governed by the influence of a single faith, all those outside that narrow worldview suffer.”

Paul Kurtz

3 Responses to “13th February 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Theocracies arise because those wanting to be the new leaders—with their addled, undeveloped brains—love power and pretend at first that the majority of the common people are on their side.
    Such creeping evils need repressing when first spotted.
    Too late, and there is no hope.” GTM

    “People who base their ethics on ancient texts of dubious provenance, will find their ethical systems straight-jacketed by the mores and superstitions of the past. Once a mistake has been elevated to the status of ‘word of God’ there is no room to admit the error, remedy it, and move on.” Stephen Moreton, The Scotsman. June 2006

  2. Critic Says:

    all those outside that narrow worldview suffer

    The truth of this statement will not cause even the most kindly religious theocrat to wince. They simply don’t care about the “unwashed heathen infidels” outside of their religion’s control. Well, that’s not enitirely true – they do care enough to threaten the infidels, figurativly and litterally, with hideous torture and death if they do not see the error of their ways and join the religion currently in power.

    While current events show the various flavors of islam to be a noisy example, don’t think for a minute that any of the other religions and their fanatical leaders would not do the same.

    Any religion that has not perpetrated evil on society is probably not yet organized well enough to actually call itself a religion.

  3. Chris Says:

    I think we should also not forget that Soviet Communism was a theocracy as well but instead of praying to an invisible (and nonexistant) god, they prayed to a visible one. In this regard, maybe more rational than the sky-god versions. I think Stalin was perhaps more gentle to his people than the made up one.

    Hyperbole aside, all theocracies depend on the credulity of their people. This is why they tend not to survive for too long. After a while, even the most beaten down stultified masses will finally begin to see through it. The walls eventually crumble. Thank goodness.

    It’s easy to see the works of Hitler’s willing executioners as a mirror reflecting the horrors of the Auto-de-fe. Same song, different tune.