12th October 2011

“The Taliban have for some time been the greatest heroes for atheism. The Taliban make Richard Dawkins contribution to promotion of godlessness positively weak and meek.”

Dick Gross

8 Responses to “12th October 2011”

  1. R J Says:

    what crap

  2. Edmond Says:

    Yeah, there’s something very unfortunate about how this is phrased (nearly as unfortunate as the author’s name). I see what he is saying, that describing Dawkins as “militant” is absurd compared to REAL militancy over the subject of religion. Or that groups like the Taliban really demonstrate the dangers in complete, unquestioning adherence to religion.

    But let THIS atheist set the record straight: The Taliban are NOBODY’S heroes that I know of, certainly not mine, nor any other atheist I’ve ever known. No one has to be CELEBRATED for making religion look bad. It does that itself, and it’s never a happy event.

    Besides, I think that The Taliban, Richard Dawkins, and I would ALL agree that The Taliban are examples of godLIness, NOT godLESSness.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    The Taliban, for the last decade or so, have been the festoring ugly, swollen, boil of religious absurdity that much any sane person can agree.

    Presently we should be calling into question Iranian regime leader Ayatollah Khamenei as he, under the banner of religion, is actively arranging assinations in the US. Is this a religious holy man or is this an criminal?

    Culture: The word defines what it means to be of a certain ethnicity, a certain unified way of being. China has a ministry of culture. Where we go astray is where we back off objections of criminal atrocities because “it’s their culture”.

    I submit to you that chopping a person’s head off isn’t culture it is criminal behavior. Burying them up to their head and raining stones down upon the head of 14 year old girls isn’t culture. Hiring drug cartel hit men to take out foreign dignitaries isn’t culture. This is all criminal behavior cloaked in the robes of religion.

    Dawkins, Harris, Denett, and Hitchens are very different from these religious culture warriors, these Taliban.

    The Taliban’s behavior has been gliding under the radar because too many people have chalked it up to culture. Dawkins and his co-horts are the force that rattles the brain in an attempt to get people to realize this isn’t culture.

    They are very different than the Taliban. Puttting a spot light upon the Taliban isn’t the same thing as being Taliban. Sure Taliban are absurd, insane, retarded, moronic, but so is all of religion. Sure those bizarre qualities make it easier to point out what kind of people these idiots are. Sure they make it easier for atheists to say religion is bad. There aren’t heroes to atheists though.

    For atheists the Taliban is the enemy.

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Check this article http://www.cbsnews.com/8618-201_162-20119095.html?assetTypeId=30&messageId=11416223&blogId=&tag=contentBody;commentWrapper

  5. me Says:

    what this is saying is the insanity of the taliban is the strongest antireligion arguement there is. the academic arguements from dawkins, though valid, wont convince any one to be an athiest, but seeing the insanity done in the name of religion will.

  6. CaptainZero Says:

    Yeah, I get what Gross is saying but I definitely would have phrased this differently. The Taliban are only the latest and most flagrant example of how extreme religious views can be used to terrorize and subjugate. And I think it is a fair point that their actions, motivated so nakedly by religion, have caused many to cast a critical eye toward religious extremism and even religious main-stream.

    Before Christians pet themselves on the back for their moderation and modernity, they need to spare a thought for the millions killed in the name of their delusion. As red or redder in tooth and claw as the worst Islam can muster today.

  7. R j Says:

    a heartfelt ” thank you ” to…………….

    capt zero

    for your articulate and thoughtful posts
    concerning todays’ quote.

    keep it comin’ folks !

  8. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Cap’n said “Before Christians pet themselves on the back …” and I have to concur.

    The Pope and his little princes are being investigated by the Internation Criminal Court: It seems they hunger for the loins of young boys and that dining on their bodily fluids is something they rather enjoy.

    Imagine that? No don’t, too freakin disgusting. I can’t stand to think of a child as a source of food. That’s Christianity though..