15th November 2011

“The [Catholic] Church (despite what some people believe) is so dominant that it has managed to brainwash the public (even some secularists) into believing that a multi-denominational or inter-denominational school is a secular school and should be quite acceptable to those who wish their children to be raised with a secular humanist ethos.”

Emer O'Kelly

3 Responses to “15th November 2011”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Religion has put its roots deeply into thought and practice at individual and societal levels. It is difficult to convince believers of the amount of unearned privilege they have compared to freethinkers.

  2. electrabotanical Says:

    Arch – not only is it hard to convince believers of their priviledge, they WAIL!!!! whenever their priviledge is challenged. Just look at Fox’s “war on christmas” coverage, or the outrage about athiest billboards and bus banners.

    Share an opinion about the obvious Egyptian roots of monotheism and you’re just being insensitive.


  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    EB: Mrs Arch and I visited Egypt last year and a tour guide in Alexandria took a great deal of pleasure (I suspect) in relating the story of Horus to us. It parallels that of Jesus and we greatly enjoyed hearing it!