18th February 2008

“We need schools which embrace the diversity within our community, not a diversity of schools dividing pupils and staff on religious grounds.”

Mary Bousted

6 Responses to “18th February 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    Every school in every country of the world should be secular by order of its government, encouraged and supported by pressure from the United Nations.
    Instead in most countries, schools are greatly influenced by, or run by, religious institutions.
    Above all else, faith schools in Britain should be abolished—yet Britain has been suffering from a government that has spent the last 10 years doing just the opposite.

  2. Chris Says:

    The mistake, as Sam Harris argues, of the religious moderate. The moderate truly cannot see the danger of the fanatic because the moderate picks and chooses and thus avoids the disturbing or dangerous aspects of faith. Worse, he thinks others share his moderation. The reality is quite different. It’s the fanatic that is the “better” disciple because he really believes what the moderate dismisses as archaic with a wink or a shrug.

  3. Nefari Says:

    Rarely does the moderate appreciate that he is seen as little better than the non-believer from the fanatic’s point of view. While he is useful for the fanatic as an enabling agent, once the fanatic’s position is secured, there is little further use for him.

    A similar attitude shift in the bell curve can be easily seen in Islamic cultures. When they don’t have Christians and Jews to campaign against, they still manage to keep quite busy campaigning against further ideological divisions within the Islamic community.

    Christians and Jews have had their fair share of this in history as well.

    Seems like there was a South Park episode when the children time traveled to a future where everyone was an atheist, but they were still waging a horrible war over some triviality.

  4. Chris Says:

    Good point Nefari but I don’t think you go far enough. To an islamist, to choose the most worrisome radical faith of the moment, the moderate is actually worse than the atheist. The moderate is aware of the word but refuses to follow it to the letter as if it’s a matter of opinion, whereas the atheist is simply ignorant. The former is far more offensive that the latter. I love South Park. Here’s a fav…

  5. Nefari Says:

    Yeah, I think Sam Harris made the case for that in “End of Faith”. That’s the only thing I’ve read by him, so it may be a recurring theme in his writing.

  6. Nefari Says:

    That’s an awesome site, Chris. I didn’t know that was out there. Found the South Park Episode I was thinking of: