11th December 2011

“The Puritans came from England to escape persecution, then started persecuting people they didn't agree with. That's part of what America is all about.”

Hugh Hefner

4 Responses to “11th December 2011”

  1. jhm Says:

    This is in the main untrue. Those pilgrims which escaped whatever persecution they faced in England—although there is some room for disagreement even on this score, as rejection of certain religious tenets was part and parcel of rejecting the monarchy, which was hardly likely to react indifferently—had first gone to the Netherlands, but found the pluralism there, while an absence of actual persecution, offered too much exposure to different points of view for their liking. Hence they opted for greener pastures.

  2. Defiantnonbeliever Says:

    The ‘pilgrims’ were first and slightly different and more tolerant because of their experience in a more pluralistic society than the ‘puritans’, who came later, as I understand the history. The differences and other conflicts with other immigrants contributed to the desire to separate church from state among many of the founders, something I think they all came to agree on and the states ratified in the bill of rights establishment clause. And yet the conflicts remain in many cases unresolved while others have been resolved in large part by genocide.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Suggesting the puritans were at all pure of any quality is absurd. They were just another group of crazed religious whackos looking for a place to practice their perversions as they saw fit.

    Suggesting America is all about anything puritanical is ridiculous. American isn’t that cohesive, isn’t that focused. America is about people, about humanity, about an ideal that has to do with people first.

    The great un-American thing that has been going on is that America has always been undermined by large organizations: be the church, the rich, and business interests.

    Control of Americans has always been sought as this hot bed of human development has been the big market or the emerging market early on.

    II saw a quote that read “Fascism is socialism with shareholders” and that is a convoluted way of saying “corporatism”.

    The attack on civil liberties is an attempt by large organizations to control markets.

    We the people need to wise up. We the people need to see this and resist.

    Religion, political ideology, and taking sides against fellow Americans is dangerous business. American is about free people, we ought not forget that.

  4. Edmond Says:

    Sinjin, I don’t think the quote is suggesting that Puritanism is what America is about. I think it’s saying (somewhat facetiously, and cynically) that persecution of those who disagree, especially by people who have themselves experienced persecution and ought to know better, is what America is all about. This is not too far from the truth, especially among the religious component of society.