1st March 2008

“The story of Jesus' death and resurrection was not eye-witnessed by the gospel writers. The resurrection account was an addendum to the earliest gospel account (Mark). It was never meant to be interpreted as an historical account in the same way we in the 21st century regard 'history'. The writers had certain biases and agenda to assert. Like modern-day Christians do.”


3 Responses to “1st March 2008”

  1. Victor Pedraz Says:

    Unfortunately to any dedicated historian this fact is not news. It is just that FACT! During my awakening period I often wondered how all these supposedly ‘learned’ and ‘wizened’ theologians (forgive the oxymoron) have what is known as ‘faith acceptance’ to a so called ‘revealed’ word.
    What a crock!

  2. Chris Says:

    You nail it, Victor. If the fables were facts, believing in them would not require FAITH. I find that word so offensive. It is so much in opposition to the gifts given to us by natural selection. What if it were true, the sky god myth? It’s as if he’d given us this towering intellect and then commands that we don’t use it. Hogwash, piffle, nonsense and tripe. I refuse to be insulted in this manner by the village lunatic, the priest.

  3. Terence Meaden Says:

    Very well expressed, both of you.