5th May 2012

“In all Islamic states (both today and historically) non-Muslims are treated as kuffar (in Arabic, a term of gross insult), punitively taxed, and often have their lives circumscribed cruelly in many other ways. If that is an example of an egalitarian religion, then the word 'egalitarian' has changed its meaning.”

David Adams

One Response to “5th May 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    ALL religionistas think that THEIR way is the

    ONE TRUE way………if they’ll admit it or not.

    however, you really cant blame that on the

    beliefs themselves. what you CAN blame it on

    is stupid human ego and pride.

    religion isnt the only human interaction that

    feeds the ” us VS. them ” mindset , but

    it clearly pumps life into that devisive mentality.

    always will.

    religion is (( I think )) a sorry, foolish bucket of

    hog-wash……………….and those who find it real

    deserve to think so.