11th May 2012

“Churches should be championing social justice and equality for all in education, not privileging their own.”

Professor Chris Rowland

2 Responses to “11th May 2012”

  1. Dan Says:

    Better still: stop building any new churches and build more libraries instead.

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    The elaborate facade of most churches, particularly Catholic churches, is more than a silent statement of what faith is all about. Some of the churches are like castles and nothing about the Christ story would indicate they’d have his approval in so fancy a place, given the needs of the poor. Faith isn’t about the meek though, it is about the church and an endless game of doing whatever to further the church. Not belief in god, not saving souls and ,most often poor souls, it is simply about perpetuating the church.

    When you look at the clergy abuse scandal you see a church trying to save itself not a church trying to right wrongs.

    Clergy is not so much a calling but more a hiding place where pedophiles can flourish and grow. A supreme confidence trick where their public buys into this nonsense about gods and goodness, they create an environment of lots of children and public trust, and excuses, endless excuses that depend heavily upon time and forgetfulness.

    Then there is the rape, insisting that little Johnnie take his pants down as part of pleasing god. Pushing the penis into Johnnie’s anus for Jesus’ approval. Sure it hurts but Jesus died for the boys sins, the pain it is explained was far worse for Jesus. Johnnie s told about how letting this rape take place is somehow getting him closer to god, about how what he is allowing would please his parents, but don’t tell.

    There is no soul among the clergy. Nothing of heart and goodness. Only perversion and greed. Sexual greed, not monetary as much. That which constitutes character and conscience are accepted on the basis of hearsay.

    Stage set, the perverts glide from victim to victim, devouring them like animals.

    No, the great repository of hate, immorality, depravity, and evil is religion. By the bibles own account god has slaughtered millions while Satan only 10.

    God’s word is the word of slavery, the word of a murderer, the words that divide. God is hatred and for some (Rick Santorum) god is power, absolutely corrupt power.

    I tell my children to be wary of the clergy. I give no free pass to these twisted sick perverts, I don’t buy the mostly good lie to the few bad apples con, I don’t think they are a force for good in the world. I call it like I see it.

    When confronted by these blind followers I say why I don’t like faith, why I don’t believe or trust in anything religious.

    There can be no whitewash of faith in ths age. We must not allow this to be a part of humanity’s future. Logic and reason must prevail. The evil of faith must be defeated.

    It all begins with Christianity, Jews are rich but few, Muslims are many but poor, only Christians have both money and masses. Win Christians to logic and reaon and we win the divide that shows religion to be the pursuit of crazies and crackpots.

    Win people like xhim and you stop the self perpetuating nonsense that enables the perverts to operate with impunity. Remember anal sex with boys isn’t a good thing, there can be no explanation that makes ass rape of a boy acceptable. No apology will forgive faith. If Jesus is truly about forgiving ass rape of a child then Jesus was a filthy vile scum, and he was.

    Think of the very faithful ambulance chaser and former presidential candidate John Edwards, he was having sexual relations with a mistress while his faithful wife was dying of cancer. He spoke often of his personal relationship with god and Jesus. I wonder if god or Jesus ever mentioned to him that it wasn’t cool to cheat on his wife? Oops I know, one of those few bad eggs right…

    Religion is evil.