4th July 2012

“Within the clerical system the repentant priest-abuser is easily forgiven – repeatedly – by the power of absolution; the innocent child-victim is abandoned with the undeserved psychic burden of guilt and shame.”

Richard Sipe

3 Responses to “4th July 2012”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    We must be on a pedaphilia rant this week. I will let Sinjin address this issue as he/she is always quite emphatically verbose. Although, I will say, I agree with him/her completely – just not with the intensity. Methinks there is a story there.

  2. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    That is built into all christianity – I have known this to be used twice by cheating men – they trotted out the old “god forgave me so must you” crap to their wives – of course it is the christian thing to do. It was suggested to me one time by my father in law that I had to forgive his meddling ways because the bible says you must forgive 7 x 70 …if someone asks you to… he is eastern orthodox (from Lebanon)… convenient. The demand for forgiveness and restoration of trust… one of my biggest pet peeves….

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Heretic I am a “he” for whatever that matters and as for some sort of back story involving me and priests there is none. In my life I am frequently interacting with young people and their safety means a great deal to me. Pedophiles, rapists, abusers of children all earn every rebuke I can deliver.

    Kittie religion depends upon altruism, people buying into altruism, and forgiveness is at the foundation of this belief. The logic seems reasonable, caring for others? It is a confidence trick though and you have discovered it: restoration of trust, unwarranted for the trust isn’t earned back, but expected as part of an ethic.

    The whole “Jesus died for your sins” thing is thee supreme ruse, a grandiose expression of altruism, and who are you compared to “Jesus the son of god”.

    (“Son” not daughter because women aren’t as good as men.)

    So if you worthless women can’t immediately restore the trust of a man who happily banged a prostitute then you aren’t worthy of the kingdom of heaven.

    Now for myself I tend to think more of women, especially since I have daughters, a wife, and a mom who I care more about than I do for myself. You might call that altruistic, it isn’t. I just love them.