9th August 2012

“The prevailing scientific consensus that slaughter without pre-stunning causes very significant pain and distress. To say [the animal] doesn't suffer is quite ridiculous.”

Dr Judy MacArthur Clark

9 Responses to “9th August 2012”

  1. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    Guessing this is in response to halal and kosher meat processing? and not humans.

    I have a friend who went through culinary school in Jordan. She talked about the chemicals that are released in an animal who is being slaughtered and knows about it, versus our methods of stunning – then killing. We also age our beef which gives it a different flavor. She couldn’t wait to get back to the US – as she said the meat just didn’t taste right. I probably have only ever eaten aged beef.. don’t eat lamb or goat so – it is unfortunate for the poor animals that Allah cares so much about the way they die..

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I had a steak at the All American Steak House in Abu Dabai back in 1987. You have to work pretty hard to screw up a steak like they did.

  3. Stuart Says:

    It’s a shame that in our advanced societies, we have the need to slit the throat of an animal and allow it to slowly bleed to death, at the behest of some ancient religious ritual. It’s as if we still live in the dark ages. Halal and Kosher should have been consigned to the religious scrap heap a long time ago.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Wish we could get reports from the folks at Massada. When the end came, Kosher techniques were used to prevent them falling into Roman hands, so they got some first hand experience.

    On the other hand, I suggest that you get your beef from a slaughterhouse whose cattle handling was designed by Temple Grandin. I’ve been doing so for the last few years, and never had better beef in my life. The lady is amazing, if you haven’t already looked at her life and work (I suggest the Wiki article which is well footnoted and cross-referenced.)

  5. Xhim Says:

    Does the same apply to fetuses?

  6. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    I have Temple Grandin’s book and have not made time to read it yet. I think I will move it to the top of my list right after I finish reading about “The Demon in the Freezer”.. anthrax and small pox.. stuff of nightmares.

    The religious scrap heap – lovely image – I like it Stuart!

    Xhim – the same would apply to any conscious self aware being and consideration should be given when possible. I just read that there were a contention of scientists who were against destroying all of the small pox spores in storage, after they had eradicated it in the population, as they viewed it as being responsible for an extinction… things can be taken too far

  7. Dan Says:

    You’d think it would depend upon the stage of development.

  8. Dan Says:

    Also –

    Happy birthday Kittie and belatedly to Sinjin!

  9. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    Is the quotemaster taking a day off? I don’t see the 10th and there is not a forward arrow for me to go to the 10th… Did I miss something? End of the world scenario or something… oh wait – I bet everyone got raptured… but we should all still be here?

    anyone else having this issue with the site?