12th August 2012

“If you have a monopoly on God, you can get away with anything.”

Anonymous Philadelphia priest

4 Responses to “12th August 2012”

  1. reetBob Says:

    Did anyone else misread ‘Philadelphia’?

  2. R J Says:

    well, maybe so…………

    but only with the FAITHFUL who BELIEVE…………..

    praise de lawd !!!!

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    A monopoly on a lie, if you are the craftiest charlatan, if you can rehash the stock text quickly and to your advantage, if you can hide your motives behind the language of piety, if you can trick the young and the gullible,,,

    More and more clergy sexual abuse cases are revealing a truth about religious leadership that has more to do with satisfying the ugliest perversions and deviancy thana nothing else.

    When we return to these quotes about dishonesty, when we read how widespread the problem is, of the great variety of individual faiths permeated by sexual predators, it simply begs the question: is religion a false front for institutionalized pedophilia?

    When the pope is being investigated bt the International Criminal Court for covering up clergy abuse what does that say?

    One accusation and sure take it with a grain of salt, two, thre a hundred and maybe it is just a few bad apples, but folks this has been documented since the 11th century, the convictions for abusing children have been piling up and you can’t turn on the evening news and miss story after story in city after city, country after country. Heck family surnames have come into being for illegitimate children fathered by priests. These were by and large the rape of young women by clergy.

    There comes a point where if it walks like a duck, sounds like, flies like, etc it is a duck. Religious leadership is a ruse, a con, snake oil, and the object is your money, sex with whatever young or gullible person they can get ahold of, and whatever else these filthy rotten crooks can steal from people.

    Religion just gives them the narrative to hide their true motives within society at large.

  4. R J Says:

    on second thought…………

    if you think you have a monopoly on god…

    you really have a monopoly on NOTHING !!