15th August 2012

“O Lord, I want to thank you that I was born in the West and not some other God-forsaken place, and that I was able to become a Christian by default. I'm thankful that I don't have to think hard about what I believe. I can accept without a second thought everything that's fed to me, and that I can support the status quo with a clear conscience without interrupting my comfortable way of life. You've made me what I am today without any effort on my part. I haven't had to think, question or change a thing, and for that I'm truly grateful.”

David Hayward

3 Responses to “15th August 2012”

  1. R J Says:


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  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    From yesterday:


    I would never want to challenge your credibility by categorizing something you have said with the wholesale blanket “fact free zone” comment. You of everyone here should be aware that I simply do not operate on less than factual statements.

    Barack Obama has posted his resume on the Ladders website (see http://cdn.theladders.net/static/pdf/Senator_Obama_Resume.pdf )

    On this résumé you can see the man himself has listed his CV and it does not include:
    1. associates at Sidley Austin in Chicago
    2. Summa cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law

    On the first point, yes President Obama did work as a “summer associate” at Sidley Austin in Chicago and yes the word “associate” appears in the title, but as anyone who knows anything about the structure of a law firm knows, a summer associate is a low-level employee. He was a temp essentially and never joined the firm as a full time associate and he never held any ownership at the firm. To lay claim to him being hired by a major firm on this basis is misleading at best.

    On the second point he lists his lists his under grad work as J.D., Magna Cum Laude, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, 1991. You simply have this wrong. But that isn’t all. There are three levels of distinction in Latin Honors:
    1. Cum laude ~ academic distinction/extra effort
    2. Magna cum laude ~ higher that cum laude/worked even harder
    3. Summa cum laude ~ highest honors/nominated by professors or fellow students/top of the class.

    This is an important part of your error because what you have suggested is that he graduated at the top of his class and that did not happen. What happened is he, like many in his class, was identified for significant extra effort: Very different than top of the class.

    Now, the nature of the J.D. can be better understood by a review of the context of the history of legal education in England. The teaching of law at Oxford University was for philosophical or scholarly purposes and not meant to prepare one to practice law.

    This makes sense as President Obama was also a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer 1992 to 2004 at University of Chicago Law School where he taught courses in General Law, Constitutional Law and Government Affairs.

    So let’s understand that President Obama’s private sector legal experience was minimal at best, had little litigation experience if any, and was built around teaching law at a fairly low level: Albeit at a fine school.

    The actual full time position he held at a law firm was at Miner, Barnhill, & Galland and today consists of fourteen lawyers in two offices, hardly a major law firm. At this small firm he litigated employment discrimination, housing discrimination and voting rights cases. This is not exactly heavy lifting in terms of legal work.

    So I refute your assertion that I was operating in a conservative fact free zone.

    I had said “I don’t like Barack Obama because he is the classic lawyer unable to secure a position with a firm who chooses politics because it is lucrative” and I think I have shown that his private sector legal experience was minimal at the very most generous and that his greatest body of work is overwhelmingly as a politician.

    I would ask you to reconsider what you have said.

  3. TIGERLILY Says:

    He must be kidding surely????