21st September 2012

“The Holy See’s status at the UN as the only non-member state means it can do pretty much all that a state member can do, except vote. And its army of diplomats exploits this privileged status relentlessly, in UN conferences and agencies, to promote its dogmas – to the diminution of women and divorced couples and the demonisation of homosexuals.”

Geoffrey Robertson

9 Responses to “21st September 2012”

  1. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    According to Charles Krauthammer, the UN and the Obama team are working together to form some kind of “blasphemy” law to protect religions from insult and get around America’s first ammendment. I keep seeing the argument presented from apologists on the Huff that we are the lone country left that doesn’t offer some kind of legal “protection” to what amounts to in my mind – idiotic ideas… UN leaders and Islamists are more than willing to use the muslim outrage over the rumor of a movie depicting their prophet. I would imagine the Holy See will benefit too as suppression of outrage over the protection of pedophilistic priests hits a tipping point. I hope Americans don’t let go of this freedom as they have done elsewhere. It seems that anything considered an “insult” can bring punishment in countries I thought were free of such nonsense. I looked up the list of countries with blasphemy laws and was shocked at what I learned…

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Spirit of the age. Not all fish is good for you!

  3. R J Says:


    i agree with all you state…..but i think you ought not to

    be shocked at your findings. remember, you’re dealing with

    humans…..the most insane, delusional and dangerous creatures

    on the planet. with humans , irrational thinking is limitless.

    the Holy See is , frankly, ground zero for modern day

    witch hunters. with them, and all their current counterparts ,

    the locus of activity and thinking is CONTROL.

    men are mystified by women………..and by the

    questions raised by the eternal mysteries, so, the whole

    gig with the holy see is that they’ve buffaloed the populace

    into believing that THEY have the answers…..which

    would be laughable were it not so widely (( blindly ))

    accepted . sadly , they have centuries of success with

    this B.S.

    it would be nice if Obama and his pals simply said ,

    ” Well guys, this is America , and we ALLOW the expression

    of varying viewpoints .” but that’s not gonna happen….and once

    again we’ll have caved in to the desires of ((mainly )) the

    middle east , and Pope Whoever.

    i mean, for crissakes, we just had 4 people assassinated

    at our lybian embassy…and look at Obama’s outraged

    response to THAT !! Jesus what an a..hole !!

    so, i guess what i’m trying to convey to you is

    DONT BE SURPRISED when the new “blasphemy ”

    law or edict or whatever comes out…..cause it WILL……….

    count on it.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Folks, I hate to say this, but given the level of SH*T the gentleman in question has had to put up with from the Krauthammer/FOX/Tea Bagger bunch, up to and including talk of TREASON (remember “Second Amendment solutions”) and the pot calling the kettle black over socialism (WE’RE ALL SOCIALISTS, [see General Electric and ExxonMobile] it’s the degree that is being debated), I’m sure the wisdom of the First Amendment has been ruefully questioned within the Obama White House, and frankly, with good cause.

    Be that as it may, please remember that Mr. Obama himself is a constitutional scholar (he taught con law, guys) and understands the First Amendment at a level which I doubt that few of us, if any, can match. Do you really think that a gentleman who knows that the entire civil rights movement got the job done because of it is going to compromise that fundamental freedom? GET F’ING REAL!!!

  5. R J Says:

    jeff at 1906……2nd paragraph

    yes, i really think that.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Then you must believe that the President is a stupid man, something neither his background, education, nor career would seem to bear out.

  7. Jeff Says:

    R J, such a treaty would:


    2) NEVER be negotiated by ANY President of African-American descent due to the fact that it would have opened up MLK and the SCLC to suit by the KKK, which would have stopped the civil rights movement in its tracks.


    3) BE in direct violation of both the Freedom of Speach and the Freedom of Religion clauses of the First Amendment, and would be LOUDLY seen as such by WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE.

  8. Jeff Says:

    “If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.”

    Isaac Asimov

    This is true both in all spheres of human endeavor, but never more so than in the areas of religion and politics.

    BTW, dear moderator, we seem to have no blog for 22 Sept.

  9. Kittie Says:

    So how do you explain his involvement with the UN on this issue or is it your position that Dr. Krauthammer just made the entire thing up?

    I guess you have not been reading the responses to all of the violence on the Huff – probably half of them are calling for the guy who made the movie to be arrested. A good quarter of those want to hand him over to the angry muslim crowd. When it comes to their stupid religious beliefs – they will get in bed with the crazy muslims to provide protection for themselves.

    I don’t think Obama is stupid. Why would you jump to that conclusion?

    I had heard Obama pretty much grew up in a priveledged white community. I am not sure how much Barry identifies with the civil rights situation, nor would he see blasphemy laws as a necessary hurdle.. Look at all the lovely countries that have them…. so that people who say something to incite muslims get thrown in jail or incure big fines…

    We are halfway there with “Hate Crimes” – which amounts to thought crime in my book….sentiment crime… criminalizing feelings…

    RJ – I am with you – I think Obama will support some kind of Blasphemy law infringement of the First Ammendment… I am not laying some kind of blame on Obama. I think people, for the most part are the result of their genes, circumstances of their birth, and their life’s experiences. I tend to condem those beliefs and actions I consider detrimental to my society. It doesn’t matter how they came about them… I happen to really like Charles Krauthammer, what is it particularly you don’t like about him – that he works for Fox News? Because that would be ignorant.