14th October 2012

“Nearly every American will know of more atheists at the end of 2011 than they do today, as coming out as an atheist becomes cool. Yes. Cool.”

David Silverman

4 Responses to “14th October 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Cool! That’s me, very cool! Like Fonzie on Happy Days cool! Hey!

    They only thing is since I’ve always expressed unbelief I don’t think I’m getting any street cred for being part of the cool new hip atheist movement. People just walk right by me without a word, no celebrity recognition, no autograph requests, no panties or brassieres being tossed in my general direction, or anything the might prop up my pie crust ego.

    I tell ya it is pure hell on Earth. People just don’t seem to care that I don’t believe in magical cloud dwelling deities.

    I don’t believe in loch Nessie either and people don’t seem to care about that either.

    Why god, oh why hast thou forsaken my celebrity for defying you? Don’t you exist? Duh, gee Tennessee. Lets got see Mr. Whoopie!

  2. Kittie Says:

    Some idiot just posted on fb that trying to get a liberal to listen to reason was like “casting pearls before swine”… he said you get the same thing when you try to convince an atheist that they would be better off with god in their life….

    I may have outed myself. I responded that he was wrong.. Fear tactics don’t work with atheists… but there are some independents and liberals who may still respond to Republican fear mongering…

    I also learned about lying being a cooperative behavior – in “The Sociopath Next Door”… and well, I am not really that cooperative when people are lying… add that to the rumor that I hate jesus posts on face book going around… it is a wonder my kids still have friends.

  3. Kittie Says:

    What is cool right now in our little town… being gay.

  4. Jeff Says:


    All you’ve got to do to get street cred from coast to coast is to come out as an atheist lesbian! Atheism buys you the coasts, and taking the stroll down Gay street gets you the fly over states.