20th October 2012

“Prejudices are formed at a young age. If you tell children they are being kept away from others of a different faith, and that their schooling is somehow inferior to yours, the potential for trouble is obvious. We need look no further than Northern Ireland if we want to test the failures of that policy.”

Matt Cooper

5 Responses to “20th October 2012”

  1. Allan Says:

    That trouble has lasted for 400 years in Ulster. When the Plantation of Ulster act was passed by the English Parliment in 1610, the Catholic Irish were considered by the English to be backward, lazy, and superstitious. However, in that case, there is some evidence that it is true. Ulster is the most prosperous (and industrialized) part of Ireland.

  2. kittie Says:

    My old highschool friend posted on facebook about how proud he was that his cousin was the judge who ruled that the highschool cheerleaders could use their banner that reads “With God on our side – who could be against us” or some such nonsense. It is constitutionally protected speech… blah blah… well of course everyone is piling on that with all the “likes” and atta boys… but me.

    I hated to point out some rather problemesque issues with this sort of thing. Namely, what happens if you lose? God on your side and you lose?…. not good. Then, the implication is that the other team doesn’t have god and so what does that make them….. It brings religion and deviciveness right into a mix where it doesn’t belong in my opinion… and I said so…
    It was essentially saying the same thing… my god is better than your god….
    and using that to pick a fight

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Conversely if you surround your children with people of different faiths and teach them to not get into discussion of religion, teach them to say “that is personal and I don’t want to talk about it”, teach them to ask people to respect that they don’t want to discuss faith, they can see and learn for themselves what value there is in religion.

    When a child isn’t fed a slop troth of us versus them they see the slop in all religion, instead of just the others.

    The best thing to do is simply shine a light on all religion. Religion and its ugliness is obvious, put it all on the table, let it speak for itself. There is a reason you have to ram it down the child’s throat. If you didn’t, if you let them get a little older/wiser and the gave them choices, let them make comparative analysis of, I think we all know none of the would choose one over another. Rather they’d walk away from all of them.

    Religion is divisive precisely because it is religion. It is the nature of the sports team/fanaticism, nationalism/statism, us versus them. You have to buy into it as better than the others.

    Nothing irks me more than a religious dingbat asking for a little tolerance for their intolerance.

  4. R J Says:

    well , kittie ……….

    sounds like a ” close call ” for those cheerleaders !!!!!!!!

    what a load .

    my question is, what position does god play ??

    here’s a little observation of mine………

    ” cheerleaders are to football

    what the Remora fish is to sharks ”

    good week-end to all.

  5. kittie Says:

    Guess I will have to look that one up – thanks chum.