26th October 2012

“Over the millennia many people have reported religious or mystical experiences in which they have communicated with one god or another. By now, we should have seen some confirming evidence for this, such as a verifiable fact that could not have been in the person's head unless it was revealed to them. We have not.”

Victor Stenger

4 Responses to “26th October 2012”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If there was even some ordinary evidence there might be something to talk about in their imaginary friends. But without ANYTHING? It is the total lack of evidence for their claims which makes it so astounding that so many will follow the shamans, gurus, priests, ministers, imams, you name it.

  2. Kittie Says:

    What I don’t get Jeff, is the comforting part about “living forever”… doing what? I always ask this and am amazed at how many people haven’t even given it a thought. I ask them if they will be on their knees praising god for eternity… or floating around… or watching the earth or what? FOREVER.. I always remind them that even the funnest things we do – are not fun if we did them forever.

    Remember that movie “Groundhog Day” ….

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Kittie I pondered the scene of all the souls in heaven and what they might be doing a few months back. A lot of it would be listening to simplistic harp music. Then when you did decide to get up you would have to watch your step so as to avoid all the fetuses scattered about, that unless of course god doesn’t allow the unborn into heaven (a defector abortion on a supernatural level). Lots of cloud cover and basking in the glory of god which is sort of like getting a supernatural sun tan: or if Jesus comes by perhaps a son tan?

    Then something happened, I realized that you would have to have something to separate you from time so as to keep you from getting bored. Something that was like pot where time just seems to slip by unnoticed and then it dawned upon me: the Religionistas must know that abortion and drugs are god’s dirty little secret. God is a dope dealing abortionist.

    Now here is the deal, this stuff is only OK in heaven. This so heaven can be superior to Earth. Has to be this way or no one would ever make the effort to get to heaven. The religious objection to pot and abortion is that those are reserved for Heaven. God is defining his domain as different than Earth. Defining himself realm within the marketplace of alternatives.

    The problem is if free sex and pot where available on Earth no one would wait to get to heaven for these things.

    Oh you can see this s going downhill….

  4. Jeff Says:

    Let’s not even talk about his Holy S&M-ness. I know that most of the world would consider me sick if they knew what I had done on both ends of the riding crop, but I’m really mild compared to a guy who would require his own son to be nailed to a cross by the Romans. I’m not even in the same league as that dude. I mean, it’s not so much the nails going in, but hanging him up until he bleeds to death? That’s just a bit over the top, even by my admittedly loose standards.

    As to hanging out in heaven, what a drag. Give me some good old fire and brimstone any day – that’s where the real fun will be!