7th December 2012

“Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.”

Bertrand Russell1872 – 1970

3 Responses to “7th December 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Gullible believing imbeciles, mindless wrapped up in the most basic needs for food, love, esteem, or safety, and considering the greatest of his/her needs to be food.

    One-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese:

    A study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University found that young adults who frequently attended religious activities were far more likely to become obese than those who didn’t.

    Lends new understanding to fat, dumb, and happy?

  2. RJ Says:


    i continue to enjoy your posts. always interesting. and, i must

    tell you my own enthusiasm for discourse often weakens. bertrand russell

    was at the same time an interesting guy, but really petty and frankly

    snotty. i find these faults in myself as well.

    in today’s quote he manages to be both.

    humans are the ultimate manufacturers and consumers of bullshit….

    and so it has been for quite some time, but the thing that always

    pisses me off about russell is that he implies that this is done

    JUST TO UPSET HIM !!!!!!!!

    we were alive at the same time for a while…but i’m glad i never

    got to meet him. i couldnt have put up with his glaring ego.

  3. Kittie Says:

    I have just been through the worst discussion about this with a group of wailing wannabee victim christian women on face book. The original statement that appeared on my feed went something like this… “Don’t breed em if you can’t feed em” and then she clarified who the us and them is with the us being christians and the them being non-christians as she said – “at some point we stopped and now they outnumber us” This kicked off a follow up response about her superior beliefs as opposed to people with “whacked out” beliefs… to which I re-counted the virgin birth myth Hitchens style… (which I think is hilarious and shows it to be quite wacky) Well then the pile on happened. One woman had the nerve to trot out the old atheist death bed conversion story… which I pegged it as a dispicable use of another’s suffering and use of fear… Then the denial – our religion doesn’t teach fear…no need to fear – god is love crap… the same woman two paragraphs later says “science means nothing to me” She is too arrogant to realize that because of science she has the luxery of not fearing. Then she claimed that logic lead her to faith – even though I pointed out that faith is belief in the absence of logic and reason she claimed that she had her own logic and it was sound and logical. They completely close themselves off to anything that would disagree with their beliefs – they don’t even read the book that is the only source for such beliefs yet get insulted when I stated that the discussion couldn’t go further because they didn’t have enough knowledge about the subject matter to discuss it properly… Now I have insulted their intelligence.. I did tell them to stop telling people like me they were going to pray for me – that it was condescending and arrogant to pray to their god to magically turn me into a servant – for their god… hopefully we have at least established that.