9th December 2012

“One would suppose that the battle for religious liberty was won in the United States two hundred years ago. However, in the time since, and right now, powerful voices are always raised in favor of bigotry and thought control. It is useful, then, to have a compendium of the thoughts of great men and women of all faiths (and of none) on the subject, to convince us that we men and woman of freedom are not and never have been alone.”

H.L. Mencken1880 – 1956

3 Responses to “9th December 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I certainly agree with this sentiment. If you will permit me a story, I will tell you about my yesterday. My daughter didn’t make the ultra competitive basketball team and had to settle for the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization). Frankly I’m glad they have such support for basketball, although I know youth sports are another source for would be prepubescent sexual objects.

    My daughter, for being rejected by the ultra competitive team for the last three year wanted me to coach the CYO team. I’ve been coaching softball and thought it would help her. Maybe her way of dealing with rejection.

    In the aftermath of the Boston clergy sexual abuse debacle they have instituted certain sexual abuse training called “Protecting God’s Children”.

    This training, while noble in intent, is as cheesey and phoney as you can imagine. No real victims are interviewed, just actors, but they make a point to tell you the interviewees aren’t actors. The stories are so sappy and canned and the points they make are so obvious that no video is required.

    It boils down to a reason for preventing child abuse being that these are God’s children and they are implying that raping them is an act against God.

    They make a big point of including Boy Scout troop leaders, coaches, teachers, daycare providers, and a whole hose of others occupations who have also been implicated in sexual abuse. They make a point to say that clergy abuse is the same percentage as males in general (I doubt this) and they say it has nothing to do with their vow of celibacy.

    It comes off as redirection away from the obvious that priests are pedophiles.

    So perhaps this AQOTD is our compendium?

    Liberty is a word I hold dear but I ant help that for some religious liberty is freedom to abuse children. I’m too close to the church and seeing it for what it is makes me sick. I have to go to mass later today as part of the youth ministry: basketball coach.

  2. WPJ Says:

    Agreed! As H.L. Mencken stresses, one must promote “a compendium of the thoughts of great men and women of all faiths (and of none)”. This remains a challenging endeavor during the holiday season, desiring only to be pleasant and good, yet remaining a dilligent atheist. I feel all terms should be debated, yet I remain a firm believer in Santa. Anyone who is unbearably big, has no concern about his weight, interacts primarily with kids, and works one day a year, must exist.

  3. Kittie Says:

    Bummer for you – the waste of time in church that is.

    I was considering a small private Catholic kindergarten for my son next year as I don’t want to shove him off into the black hole of our public preschool. But then I found out that they use the fear of “god is watching and you made him mad” as a form of discipline and order. THe private preschool he is in now uses positive methods like getting a popsicle or getting to be the one who chooses the naptime movie… So my son learns self discipline and sees benefits to it versus fear of the big sky daddy. We found out we are going to Germany so that problem is solved. The lord does work in mysterious ways… ha ha ha