3rd April 2008

“Communism quite resembles religion in that individuals are expected to give up everything and subjugate themselves to the people in charge, supposedly for the common good of all.”

Robert B. Morgan

4 Responses to “3rd April 2008”

  1. Leif Says:

    IMO it isn’t fair to equate all of those who study the theories of Karl Marx and whom consider themselves ‘communists’ with the brutal failures that are Marxist-Leninist states.

    Socialism is still an important part of political and human progress.

  2. Terence Meaden Says:

    This truism affronts the simplistic minds of those who follow religion more than those who support communism. Godbots should note that the atheism of 20th-century megalomaniac communists has nothing to do with the reasoned atheism of the world’s non-theist intellectuals.

  3. Critic Says:

    Alas, TM, I fear that the Godbots will continue to equate the “20th-century megalomaniac communists” with the “reasoned atheism of the world’s non-theist intellectuals.” Even here on this site, the last Godbot posing as a non-theist (Tzuriel), brought that one up in one of his/her last posts.

    Further, the soon-to-be-released ID apologetic “documentary,” “Expelled” equates Darwin and evolutionary theory with Nazism.

    These two ridiculous arguments are the mainstay of anti-intellectual proponents of theism, Intelligent Design, and fundamentalist religion.

    I must admit tho, I like the way you phrased it – as usual.

  4. Tzuriel Says:

    I am not a Godbot. I’m an argumentbot. I simple pose the arguments an intelligent religionist would pose because I am interested in your answers. If you must know my current opinion, I think both sides (Godbots and atheists) are wrong.

    You can equate Darwinism with Nazism, but it would be a fundamental misunderstanding of Darwin. However, Darwinism really has nothing to do with Darwin, it’s just an application of “survival of the fittest” (taken to extremes) to business and politics. Darwin himself would greatly disapprove.